The Best Times to Visit Toyama

Spring time is a time of relaxation and warming up after the cold winter. What better way to do so than by taking a stroll down the river and enjoying the sakura trees? Or going to a whole park dedicated to Tulips? The best part is that you can do so without leaving the city! Here in Toyama city, the Matsukawa river snakes through the city, with sakura trees on both sides lining the river. The river is considered the city’s prime cherry blossom viewing destination. In Tonami City, held every year from early May is the Tonami Tulip Fair where rows upon rows of Tulips are in full bloom, along with street performances.
Playing with Snow in Summer
Toyama is probably one of the very few places in Japan that allow you to see and play with snow in the heat of summer. Because of the high altitudes in the mountains, many parts of the Northern alps and the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. The Kanetsuri station in particular has a snow bank that is semi-permanent, known as Mannen Yuki, or “Ten thousand year old snow”. Other parts of Tateyama are also bound to be cool and refreshing, but you can also visit the shores and soak up the sun at the Kaiwomaru Park, where the famous ship Kaiwomaru sails on the open seas.

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Mountain Viewing Train Trip in Autumn
The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route is a route that uses buses, cable cars, trains and ropeways to get across the Japanese Northern Alps. The route is probably most known for the 20 meter high snow walls that line the sides of the roads, as well as the Kurobe Dam that powers the prefecture with hydroelectricity. But in Autumn, the best part of the route is Murodo, one of the higher points of the route. It offers hiking trails for both experienced and inexperienced hikers, and you can enjoy a picturesque view of the autumn mountainside. The entire route is usually open from mid-April to November.

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Gassho-zukuri huts in Winter
Because Toyama is located in the “Snow Country” of Japan, winters will be particularly harsh in this area. While it is very cold, the large amounts of snow that accumulate and create a pure white blanket across the land is worth it. There are several events around the prefecture that allow you to play with and enjoy the snow, as well as illuminations all around. One illumination event in particular is in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, Ainokura Gassho-zukuri village. The village, with its traditional thatched roofs look even better when covered with a blanket of snow. 

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