Toyama 1-day-tour Itinerary

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is a famous day-trip travel destination for Toyama, as it is relatively straightforward and is beautiful regardless of the time of year (though it is closed during the peak of winter). You can also enjoy it from either way: going from Toyama to Tokyo, or the other way around. Here, we will showcase what you can do on your trip from Tokyo to Toyama.

Photo Cred: Flickr user Ankur P[email protected]/36365871512/
Day 1
Starting from Tokyo, take the train to Shinano-Omachi, on the JR Line. From there, take the express bus to Ogizawa, and here is where your trip begins. The trip itself takes about 2 hours from Ogizawa to Tateyama, but because you will be enjoying the sights and getting off at some places, it will take a total of about 6 hours. Along the way, you can enjoy Murodo station, the highest point of the route, as well as the Mannen Yuki, a semi-permanent snow bank, and hot springs along the river side of the Kuronagi river. At the end of the line is Tateyama station, and from there you can go to Toyama Station to continue your travels around the prefecture. 

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