Toyama Food Guide

Masuzushi is a type of boxed meal, that is frequently sold at train stations for long rides. It is a pressed sushi, served with salted and vinegared trout, along with vinegared rice, and all wrapped in a bamboo leaf. Historically, it is known for being used as a gift to visitors. The simplicity of the dish as well as the abundance of trout and rice in Toyama make Masuzushi a common (yet gourmet-feeling) food staple.

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Shiro-ebi is a type of shrimp that is commonly caught on the shore of Toyama. While smaller in size, the shrimp is known for its white, almost translucent appearance, as well as its sweet taste. It can be served as sashimi, as well as deep fried, used as stock, eaten alive, or turned into crackers. Either way, you are bound to enjoy this little snack (especially with some of Toyama’s Sake!)
Hotaru-Ika is also one of Toyama’s delicacies, and is famous not only for its flavor, but also the beautiful scenery they produce. You may have seen them before. The Firefly squid, as it is called in English, is known for lighting up the shores of Japan in a bright luminescent blue glow, as they wash upon the sand. The bioluminescence is to escape from predators, as the blue glow looks similar to the moonlight on the surface of the ocean. Typically eaten boiled, the squid is also served as a side dish, and is known for being very healthy as it is full of vitamin A.
Toyama Sake
Similar to how Toyama is blessed with great Hydroelectric power, it is also blessed with clear, pristine water that can be used for a variety of things, including brewing Sake. Because Toyama also has an abundant rice growing culture, it’s no surprise that Sake made in Toyama is highly regarded all throughout Japan. Unlike regular sake, which uses a low percentage of rice suitable for sake, Toyama Sake is known for its clear, refreshing taste that doesn’t linger in the mouth. Coupled with Toyama’s delicious seafood, and you are bound to have a pleasant evening. 

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