5 food filled reasons to visit Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station. You're probably going to stop there for some reason if you're headed to Tokyo, since so many shinkansen lines leave from there - plus there's all the local lines too. But going to a train station solely for the food? You might think I've lost my mind, but it's actually a very worthy spot to grab yourself some grub! Here are 5 reasons why you should think about enjoying a meal or some snacks there when you're in transit!

Because there's a part of the station known as "ramen street"

Ramen Street is just as you might expect - multiple restaurants dedicated to the noodley-goodness itself. If you're traveling with several people in your group and you'd all like to try a different type of ramen, this might be the spot to do it.
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You can also find vegan ramen!

If you're a vegan, don't think that Japan doesn't have ramen for you. There's a spot in Tokyo Station called T's Tantan that serves up completely vegan ramen, and they've even got vegan cup noodles you can purchase. After a side dish to go alongside your main meal? T's Tantan also do a mean soy karaage - super tasty!
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You can enjoy some ekiben

Got a long shinkansen journey ahead of you that departs from Tokyo Station? It might be wise to get yourself an ekiben! Ekiben are sold at many stations, so even if you're not passing through Tokyo Station you'll still find them at various hubs - and you might be surprised at the gourmet quality of food in them.
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You can stock up on Japan's favorite sweet at the Kit Kat Chocolatory 

Arguably Japan's favorite sweet treat is the humble Kit Kat - and if you're headed to Tokyo Station you ought to stop by the Kit Kat Chocolatory to stock up on goodies. They've got loads of varieties on the shelves at any one time, and are often the first spot to show off any new flavor releases.
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You can try some of Japan's tastiest craft beer at Hitachino 

Japan's craft beer scene has really taken off in recent years, and Hitachino is one of the brewing companies that has been getting lots of attention for their tasty beverages. Hitachino Brewing Company started out in Ibaraki Prefecture, and now their beers are enjoyed in over 50 countries globally - pretty impressive! The brew lab here at Tokyo Station also has a variety of eats to enjoy with whatever you decide to wet your whistle with.
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Enjoy Japan, and Safe Travels!

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