Eat with Goku at Cafe & Diner

The Popular Dragon Ball series is back in a yummy and also fashionable form.
Sorry this time you won't be seeing Goku is his Saiyan forms but you can enjoy a nice day at the cafe & diner , seeing Kid Goku and friends ,
seeing the pop up cafe image , oh them 90s nostalgia feels~,  sure makes you hungry and the Dragon ball opening song is stuck in your head now "Tsukamou ze! DORAGONBŌRU,Sekai de Ittou SURIRU na Himitsu,Sagasou ze! DORAGONBŌRU,Sekai de Ittou Yukai na Kiseki'.
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Four Star Dragon Ball Fried Rice
Taste a Dragon ball in Vegetable , Shrimp fried rice with Chilli Sauce
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Memento to Goku's Grandpa Four Star Dragon Ball Orange & Chocolate Mousse
A soft Mousse on top of a chocolate crunch, with a little turtle and star sweet chocolate treat on the sides
This one looks like its straight from a scene from the series, not only does it look identical with a real dragon ball,
it looks pretty and delious .
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Goku's Fluffy Cloud Pancake.
A pancake that taste as soft and fluffy as a cloud.
Goku riding a soft cotton candy cloud, served with citrus fruits sauce, this dessert looks so soft and will melt in your mouth.
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Chi Chi and Goku's Wedding Plate.
Gives you a feeling of a real wedding dinner buffet.
Inclues Black Vinegar Sauce Spareribs , Wine bottle styled Chicken Thigh , Homemade Barbarque Pork, vegetables and Chilli  Sauce Shrimp.
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Shenron Summer Spring Rolls.
You can't call the real Shenron ,but how about eating a mini Spring Roll Shenron instead.
A refreshing dish, with fresh vegetables , shrimp , steamed chicken with Sweet Chilli sauce.

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Seal of the Demon Lord, BANG BANG Salad Jar.
A popular Jar Salad with a chinese demon seal twist, chance to eat the Demon Lord thats sealed inside before he breaks out!
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Panties!? Oolong's Charsiu Ramen
A soy sauce soup base, charsiu toppings with panties...
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Krillin Chestnut Bun
A dish to represent Goku's best friend Krillin, two steam chestnut buns with krillins ki and head dots. 
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Chiaotsu's Homemade Gyoza.
Homemade dumplings , made from wagyu pork and vegetables.
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Goku's Power Poll Springrolls
35cm long Handmade Fried Shrimp Springrolls.
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Dragon ball Tree
A Mont Blanc , prefect for this coming christmas, A fresh made chestnut paste, refreshing mint cream and vanilla brulee. 

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Mr Popo Cream Puff
A black sesame custard creampuff, with a Mr Popo macaroon ontop.
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Buu's pink dessert
Mix berry and vanilla icecream with a marshmallow cream.
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Sensu Bean Tapioca Milk Tea
Green beans on top of chococate cookie.
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Character Latte
Goku, Friza, Buu and Korin
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I'm Vegeta Kaarage Chicken
A dish to express Vegeta , a fried Kaarage Chicken with a sweet and sour mango sauce

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Dragon Ball Cafe & Diner / Shop
Natural Cream Kitchen Omotesando
Address: GYRE B1F, 5-10-1 Jinguumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to
Dates: 15 th Jan2018 -28 th Feb 2018

Dates: 8 th Dec 2017 - 28 th Feb 2018
Address : 6-1-9 Jinguumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to
Hours: Mon-Fri: 11:00 am−9:00 pm / Sat, Sun, Holidays: 10:30 am−9:00 pm

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