Top 5 must-see spots in Tokyo

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1.       Sensō-ji Temple
No visit to Tokyo is complete without stopping by Sensō-ji Temple. Located in Asakusa, this temple is always bustling with people. There are many activities, food stands, and souvenir shops surrounding the area. It is Japan’s most visited temple, so you will see a mixture of locals, tourists, and students. If you wish to avoid the crowds, go early in the morning or late afternoon. The entire temple is lit up at night, making it a great time to go for photos. 
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2.       Meji Shrine 
Meji shrine offers more attractions than the shrine itself. After walking through the large torii gate, water pavilions are available to purify your hands. The grounds of the shrine are large, and you will be walking excessively. Don’t forget to explore all the way to see the sake barrels and wooden prayers. Although the shrine is famous and touristy, you will find moments of peace and tranquility. Meji shrine is located in Shibuya, giving you a chance to visit the famous Takeshika Street.  
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3.       Ueno Park 
Probably one of the largest and most spacious parks in Tokyo. Ueno Park is massive, and it will take you more than a day to see and do everything it has to offer. Ueno is popular for cherry blossoms, so expect several people enjoying the bloom.  Ueno has countless of science / art museums, a large zoo, and Buddhist temples.  Grab a map and explore.

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4.       Sumida River 
 To get an overall feel of how big Tokyo really is, a cruise along the Sumida River is ideal. Purchase a boat tour for a short cruise along the river. There are different boats to choose from, but take note of what direction it will be going. Traveling by boat through the Sumida River can act as means of transportation as you explore the city. No matter the direction, all boats pass through famous bridges and buildings. The best views are through the night as the city lights up.
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5.       Rikugien garden
Rikugien garden displays beautiful colors in all 4 seasons, with visits all year long.This garden is located in the middle of Tokyo and is surrounded by skyscrapers. While it is not the largest garden in Tokyo, this allows for fewer people during your visit. Rikugien garden features a large pond in the middle, filled with turtles and fish. It will take an hour’s stroll to go around the entire pond, but feel free to take a rest in the teahouses.

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