The Best Times to Visit Tottori

Tottori Castle Ruins in Spring
While you may be thinking that castle ruins are nothing to feel special about, you will quickly change your mind when you visit the Tottori castle ruins in Spring. Originally a castle built into the mountainside and protected by a moat, the castle withstood sieges for hundreds of years before falling in 1581 after 200 days of siege. The surrounding nature and broken down walls themselves are beautiful, but can be even more beautiful in the spring when the Sakura trees are in bloom.

Photo Cred: Flickr user mstkeast[email protected]/18817375834/
Tottori Sand Dunes in Summer
The desert may not be the best place to visit in the hottest season of the year, but rest assured; the Tottori Sand Dunes will be more than cool enough to take your mind off of the heat. The Sand Dunes are the only ones in Japan, and are a 30 square kilometer wide space of desert on the northern shore of Tottori prefecture. If you feel like it’s getting too hot, just take a quick dip in the nearby shore, and pick back up on your sandboarding and sand castle making! Next to the dunes is also the Tottori Sand Museum, where they showcase beautiful creations made of, of course, sand.

Photo Cred: Flickr user mstkeast[email protected]/21794199793/
Red Daisen Mountain in Autumn
The highest mountain in the Chugoku region, the Daisen Mountain is also known as Okami-Take in older religious texts, which means “Mountain of the great God”.The mountain is also called “Izumo Fuji”, after the land’s original name of Izumo.  The Daisen mountain’s elevation is 1,729m, but is unfortunately unstable due to the Tottori earthquake that happened in 2000. In autumn, the mountain is turned into bright shades of red, orange, and yellow, and offers chances to hike through these majestic scenic views.

Photo Cred: Flickr user tomoko_hori[email protected]/3334530547/
Snowy Sand Dunes in Winter
Going to the sand dunes in winter may seem like a joke, but is actually and opportunity to see some strange sights, as well as snowboard without having to deal with all the wetness of snow. Sandboarding, similar to Snowboarding, is available year-round and is great fun for those who don’t want to go all the way to a ski resort. In addition, during Christmas season, the dunes can be seen lit up in Christmas colors and illuminations, and if you’re lucky, covered in snow! 

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