Tottori Access Guide

While being the nation’s least populated prefecture, Tottori still has a large variety of options in terms of transportation. It has two airports that hold both domestic and international flights, as well as nearby major airports from the Kansai area that connect to Tottori Station.
There are two airports in Tottori prefecture: the Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport, and the Yonago-Kitaro Airport, named after the famous monster manga series. Tottori Airport only operates flights to and from Haneda (Tokyo), while the Yonago Airport operates flights to and from Hong Kong and Seoul. Flights from Tokyo and Seoul take about 90 minutes, while flights from Hong Kong take about 3 hours.

Photo Cred: Flickr user Yazan Badran
Trains are similar to Planes in that there are also two major stations in Tottori; Tottori Station in the east, and Yonago Station in the west. Both stations are relatively easy to get to from other major stations around Japan. From Tokyo, you would take the Shinkansen to Himeji, and get on the Super Hakuto Limited Express to Tottori Station, taking about 6 hours and close to 20,000 yen. From Hiroshima or Hakata, you would take the Shinkansen to Okayama Station, and get on the Super Inaba to Tottori, in about 3 hours.
There are highway buses available from most major stations to Tottori Station. From Tokyo, they will take about 9 hours and about 10,000 yen, depending on the prices at the time. Overnight buses would be a perfect way to get a good head start on your points of interest, beginning from the early morning. 

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