Tochigi 2-day-tour Itinerary

Tochigi is most famous for its natural beauty, and because of this it is a very popular getaway spot for those that live in the metropolitan area. Its proximity to Tokyo also makes it a great place for one-day excursions, as well as an overnight destination. The most popular spot would be the Nikko area and Nikko National Park, as it is close, beautiful, and culturally significant.
Photo Cred: Flickr user Guilhem Vellut
Day 1
From Asakusa Station, take the Tobu Limited Express to Nikko Station. From there, take the bus to Omotesando bus station and walk to the Nikko Toshogu Shrine, where the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu is enshrined. It is the main shrine of over a dozen other shrines, all of which are of elaborate carving and decoration. Other significant shrines include the Futarasan shrine, and the Shinkyo Bridge that connects it (a popular spot for Instagram photos!), and Nikkozan Rinnoji Temple. After you’ve had your fill of shrines and sacred places, you can stay at the local ryokan and have a pleasant dinner.

Photo Cred: Flickr user Dainis Matisons
Day 2
From your Ryokan, you can visit the Kegon Waterfall by taking the bus from Nikko Station, about 40 minutes by bus, to the Chuzenji Onsen bus stop. The Kegon Waterfall is another popular destination, as it is a large waterfall 97 meters tall. The water flows from Chuzenji Lake, which you can visit through a 10-minute walk. At the lake, they also offer boat excursions that allow you to take in a 360 degree view of the surrounding mountainside and nature. It is so beautiful that many foreign ambassadors would build European houses on the lakeside, which are still visible today.  After that, you can stay another night, or take the bus back to Nikko Station where you can go back to Tokyo. 

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