Saitama Food Guide

Miso Potato, while junky at first site, is a rather difficult dish to make at home. Put simply, it is a baked potato with sweet miso sauce poured on top, similar to a western baked potato. Its origins are from the Chichibu region, and while it can be made with ingredients from home, it is best when you buy it from the food stands around Chichibu. It tastes especially delicious in the cold winters, as the baked potato and miso can warm you up.
Urawa Fancy Fruit Gummy
While you may have had store bought fruit gummies, shaped into your favorite cartoon characters or animals, Urawa’s Saika-no-Houseki gummies take it to a whole different level. Packaged in woodblock-printed boxes, the Urawa “Jewels” look classy from the packaging. The gummies themselves are also shaped into realistic representations of the fruits they taste like, and are delicious to boot. In fact, these gummies are considered Saitama’s most delicious “Omiage”. Take these gummies to your office as a gift, or give it to your friends, and you’re bound to impress.
Sweet Potato Udon
Unlike other udon, Sweet potato udon is made with purple sweet potato kneaded into the noodles. Therefore, rather than being white or brown like most noodle varieties, the noodles are colored purple! This also makes the noodles slightly sweeter. The noodles can also be eaten hot or cold, just like regular soba noodles, as well as eaten all year round.

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COEDO Beer is an internationally recognized beer brand, headquartered in Saitama. The brewing company differentiates its beer tastes with the color of the bottles the drinks are in, and each variety has earned a number of awards. In particular, the Beniaka Beer has won the European Beer Star Gold Award for Best Special beer, and the Kyara Beer has won the Silver award for the World Beer Cup 2014, the highest-ranking beer competition in the world. Who knew one of the world’s best craft beers was in Saitama? 

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