Ibaraki For The First Time

So you want to travel to Ibaraki? Have no idea where to go? No problem. Here are some recommendations for where you can go for your first time!
Fukuroda Falls
Fukuroda falls is arguably one of Ibaraki’s most famous sites, as it is considered one of three of Japan’s most beautiful waterfalls. While it is about a 2 hours drive from the nearest cities, the countryside near the falls itself is a beautiful experience, and the falls themselves have stores nearby that sell regular tourist attraction food as well as the local delicacies. All together the falls themselves are about 120 meters in height, and are truly breathtaking. Locals recommend that you visit the falls in all four seasons to experience its true beauty. You may also want to see it at sunrise and sunset as well!

Photo Cred: Flickr user KimonBerlin https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7125522819/
Don’t want to take the long drive to a waterfall? Still want to be one with nature? Kairaku-en is the place for you. Built in 1841 by a local lord, the garden is particularly famous for its plum tree forests, which bloom during late winter.  The park itself is free to enter, though some parts of it require a small fee. Right next to the garden is also a series of famous shrines which you can visit right after or before!
Hitachi Seaside Park
Right in the capital city of Mito is the Hitachi Seaside Park, a park known for its beautiful collection of flower gardens that stretch out near the sea. Depending on the season you visit, you could see rows of Tulips, valleys of Nemophilia, or fields of Sunflowers all in bloom. Because of its close proximity to Mito, Ibaraki’s central station, the Seaside Park offers a great place to relax and enjoy nature at relative ease. Nearby is also the Oarai Aqua World, an aquarium that would be great for families!
Oarai Aqua World
In Mito, there is also the Oarai Aqua World which hosts a large variety of sharks and mantarays, as well as dolphin shows and a whole series of zones dedicated to showcasing marine life. From deep sea creatures to Penguins and otters, the Aqua world has you covered. They even have a Kid’s play area for those with children, fitted with hands-on activities with fish as well as a play area decorated with a huge fish head! 

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