The Best Times to Visit Ibaraki

Ibaraki is known for being a quiet natural retreat that is also conveniently located near the metropolitan area. Because of its beautiful nature, as well as its various attractions that are centered around nature’s beauty, any time of the year would be great to visit this prefecture. Here are some examples of places and seasons to visit.

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Karirakuen and Festivals in Spring
Because of its great location, Ibaraki is perfect for those who wish to get away and enjoy the flower blossoms in a quiet location, particularly gardens. Kairaku-en is one of Ibaraki’s biggest and best in terms of variety and quietness, but Ibaraki isn’t just silence! It is also the host to many festivals showcasing many flowering varieties, from blossoms to flowering plants. The Hitachi Seaside park also flowers into a field of blue with Nemophilia during the spring, and can be a great place to enjoy the wide-open sky: something you can’t normally do in the inner city.

Photo Cred: Flickr user [email protected]
Sail the Summer away with Hobikisen
Japanese summers can be the hottest if you’re not prepared. That’s why many people who visit Ibaraki also tend to go for the shores, and sometimes, even farther. The Hobikisen are sailboats that sail on the Kasumigaura Lake. While it isn’t exactly the ocean, the best way to cool off in the summer is to take a dive. These sailboats can’t be rode by tourists, but you can see them from the sightseeing ferries, as well as from some parts of the lake shore.
Fukuroda Falls and Festivals in Autumn colors
While Fukuroda Falls is beautiful at any time of the year, it is particularly beautiful when surrounded by Japanese maple leaves in Autumn. The waterfall is one of Japan’s three major waterfalls, and was visited by the famous poet Saigyo. If you want something a little more energetic, you can also try out the massive Ishioka festival, where over 40 portable shrines are carried in a 3 day parade.
Frozen Falls and Hotpot Anglerfish in Winter
Missed the Fukuroda Falls on your last trip? Worried the falls might freeze? No worry. The Fukuroda falls take on an even more divine appearance in winter, where the fall freezes over and look as though they are stopped in time. Another thing limited to the winter time would be Anglerfish, which is a delicacy and Ibaraki specialty. You can see demonstrations of Anglerfish cutting at the Oarai Hotel, and warm up after a cold day out with some delicious hotpot. 

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