Ibaraki Access Guide

Photo Cred: Flickr user 雷太
Because of its relative closeness to Tokyo and the surrounding metropolitan area, Ibaraki prefecture is very easy to get around. Be it from Narita Airport, or Ibaraki Airport, or any of the surrounding prefectures, you will have a wide variety of options for traveling throughout Ibaraki.
There are two main ways of getting to Ibaraki though using the airplane. First is by landing at Haneda or Narita Airport, and taking the train or bus from there to Mito, the central train station of Ibaraki. Second, and quicker, is by landing at Ibaraki Airport. We recommend landing at Ibaraki Airport if you are short on time, due to the fact that most of the prefecture is within an hour’s train or car ride. From Ibaraki Airport, Mito Station is 30 minutes away by car.
There are buses that go from Tokyo to Ibaraki Airport for 500 yen, which is very cheap. You can also take highway buses that go directly to Mito Station, but they are more expensive and take close to 3 hours to get to the station. It isn’t recommended to take the bus to Mito Station, as the trains are cheaper and do not require reservations or getting tickets beforehand.
There are many trains that go from the Tokyo area (particularly Ueno Station) to Mito Station in Ibaraki. At most times of the day, the Hitachi Limited Express moves between Ueno Station and Mito Station, and take around an hour and a half one-way. While the train ride costs 3820 yen, and is slightly on the expensive side, it’s worth not having to deal with the hassle of driving or reserving a bus.
Car is by far the easiest in terms of freedom, as many travel areas in Ibaraki are accessible by car. Ibaraki Airport also offers free parking for visitors of the prefecture, which would be great for those that have any plans to travel outside of the prefecture for some time. 

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