Ibaraki Food Guide

Hitachi Beef
Ibaraki is known for its delicious beef, including Hitachi Beef, a brand of high-quality meat that is considered to be one of Japan’s best wagyu (Japanese beef) brands. It has great marbling and texture, and is fed grain produced in Ibaraki; a tradition passed down for centuries.  Like many luxury meats in Japan, it is only possible to eat authentic Hitachi Beef in or near Ibaraki Prefecture, so now is your chance!
Ibaraki is Japan’s largest melon producer, producing about 25% or Japan’s domestic melons. From April to November, there are various kinds of melons being produced in Ibaraki, but all are known for their high sugar content and firm texture. There are even some farms that allow you to hand-pick your own melons and take them home. However, act quickly: the peak for Melons is between May and June, with only a month for the highest quality melons!

Photo Cred: Flickr user hirotomo https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/386803174/
Anglerfish (Anko)
While it might sound particularly appetizing, Anglerfish is Ibaraki’s most famous winter seafood. Traditionally, the fish is prepared in a hotpot known as “Anko-nabe” but they can also be eaten raw as sashimi. To Japanese, Anglerfish caught near the Ibaraki shoreline is considered high-quality food and sells expensively at the fish markets.

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