Enjoy 12 days of Christmas with festive treats across Japan!

Christmas is literally just around the corner, and if you’re in Japan right now you might be looking for ways to get into that festive spirit. Look no further: here are 12 spots where you can find tasty Christmas inspired sweet treats - they’ll have you feeling merry faster than you can say Jingle Bells!

Moke's Bread and Breakfast

Topped with a raspberry sauce and all manner of berries (and Christmassy decorations!) these Hawaiian style Leilani pancakes are definitely up at the top of the festive presentation stakes. These will set you back 1280 yen, and their Tokyo location is in the trendy Nakameguro area.
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Eddy's Ice Cream

Eddy's Ice Cream have become an Instagram sensation with their beautifully decorated soft serve cones - and naturally, they'd have to incorporate some Christmas cheer into their creations at this time of year. Too pretty to eat!
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On the Way Cupcakes

This tiny hole in the wall Shimokitazawa cupcakery serves up tasty treats no matter the time of year, but a cupcake complete with a buttercream frosting tree? Sign. us. up! Their Christmas tree cupcakes are on sale until Christmas Day itself, and are priced at 450 yen. Christmas calories don't count, right?
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Eggs 'n' Things

After a western-style breakfast while you're in Japan? There are several Eggs 'n' Things locations across Japan, and their pancakes are served with mountains of whipped cream - but at this time of the year, give that whipped cream a green hue, add some sprinkles, and voilà - instantly festive! Japan's Eggs 'n' Things store locations can be found at the link here. 
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Banpaku Shaved Ice

If you're a believer that winter is a perfectly acceptable time of the year for shaved ice, then you might want to head to Banpaku - right now they're serving up a shaved ice designed to look like a Christmas tree, complete with a shortbread cookie star on the top. 
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Coisof are another Tokyo soft serve ice cream store that dish up beautifully presented treats - and they're always celebrating fun occasions, like Halloween and of course, Christmas. If you'll be in Harajuku over the holiday season, you might want to stop by here and pick up one of these photogenic treats - but definitely take some pictures before digging in!
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Monarch of London

Monarch of London are situated in Shibuya, and have some of the most beautiful creations you'll see - from macarons to cupcakes, and even their incredible smoothies. Sure, the green on top might be whipped cream and not kale - so we can't say it's necessarily the healthiest of treats - but Christmas comes just once a year, so feel free to indulge!
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Rocca and Friends

Looking for some festive foodie fun but you're in Osaka, not Tokyo? Never fear - Rocca and Friends creperie have you covered with their Christmas range. Rudolph would give these four hooves up in approval, undoubtedly.
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Dominique Ansel Bakery

Dominique Ansel Bakery are always pushing the envelope when it comes to creations that defy the imagination - and they've got a killer Christmas range. Perhaps the most impressive are the gingerbread pinecones (that look freakishly like the real thing).
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Lola's Cupcakes

Sometimes a simple, tasty cupcake is what you're craving - and Lola's Cupcakes serve up a giant treasure trove of them. They've got both mini and regular sized cupcakes - perfect for gifting (or eating all by yourself, let's be honest).
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Cafe Studio D

Located in Kobe, this cafe has some delicious soft cream - from their Christmas tree variety made with matcha, to their gingerbread man inspired flavor that's topped with caramel. Try one - or all three!
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Gufo Groovy Ice Cream

Another Osaka based delight, Gufo Groovy ice cream have also hopped on board the Christmas bandwagon, with their "Reindeer Horn" creation. They've also got a "Berry Merry Christmas Parfait", topped with fresh berries, whipped cream, a white chocolate star and even a sprig of rosemary.
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Hopefully you'll manage to get your hands on some of these Christmas creations before the season is out!

Happy Eating, and Merry Christmas from Japan!

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