Celebrate the holidays with these seasonal limited sweets!

There are many seasonal limited items in Japan, especially during Christmas. That is definitely a reason which makes Japan particularly exciting and enjoyable every season. If you are looking to feel festive during this holiday season or just have some sweet cravings, try these out in Tokyo!
Berry Christmas French Toast @ Ivorish
Ivorish is a popular café specialising in French toasts, originally from Fukuoka, with two additional shops in Tokyo and Kanagawa. What makes their French toasts appealing is that they are made from their specially baked breads, coupled with a carefully crafted recipe which makes their French toasts crispy on the outside and soft and moist inside. It is now offering its Christmas limited edition French toast – Berry Christmas (ベリークリスマス), which is made from berry puree and topped with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and muscat grapes. This is only being offered with a limited quantity of 30 per day till December 25. The price is 1,900 yen + tax.
No worries if you miss this opportunity, as they offer seasonal limited French toasts year-round. They also offer both savoury and sweet French toasts, in the price range of 1,000 yen to 2,000 yen, so there will surely be something that suits your taste. The portions are relatively large, so unless you are extremely hungry, I would recommend ordering the half size portions (unfortunately, this is not available for Berry Christmas). Check out their menu: http://ivorish.com/menu_french.ph
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Afternoon tea @ Peninsula Hotel
 Enjoy the cute Festive afternoon tea set at the Lobby @ Peninsula Hotel Tokyo, with live music till December 25th! The menu includes homemade scones, savoury items such as a snow crab, egg & cucumber roll and turkey & cranberry sandwich, sweets such as strawberry shortcake and chocolate & chestnut mousse, and last but not least, a fine selection of organic teas. The set is 5,000 yen + tax per person. Check out the menu here: 
The Peninsula Tokyo also offers other seasonal afternoon teas throughout the year, such as the Cherry Blossom themed afternoon tea which I went to earlier this year. The service was excellent and the food was delectable; and not to mention exceptionally photogenic!
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Harajuku Apple @ Anywhere Door
Anywhere Door, opened in Harajuku earlier this year, has become extremely popular with its cone shots. These famous cone shots are basically specialty ice-cream cones, filled with shots of either coffee, tea, cocoa, ice-cream or even whiskey or cocktail. In addition to these cone shots, Anywhere Door has also recently launched “Harajuku Apple”, which is an apple-shaped dessert, with apple compote wrapped in apple mousse, coated with powdered white chocolate. This super cute dessert is offered only for a limited time for 680 yen + tax each. It was introduced on Nippon TV just last week and it is said to have only a limited quantity of 50 per day, so go grab one before they sell out! Check their official site here: http://anywheredoor.jp/en/
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 Enjoy the holiday season with these amazing looking desserts!!!

Elaine K