Trip to Tokyo – A First Timer’s Plans and Expectations – Day 9

Hello there, fellow traveller! 

Alas, the final day has come. Well, it’s not time to return home, but it’s the last day to actually spend time in Tokyo. For a change, I haven’t planned too much. It used to be a “what’s left” day, hypothetically crammed with everything that didn’t fit in before, but what would be a “nice to see/do”.
This is the day that most probably will be knocked on the head. Interestingly, there isn’t much left, though.

Most importantly, we need time to pack our acquired souvenirs and somehow force ourselves to go to bed rather early. There’s a flight to catch in the morning after all.

And I have no idea how we’re supposed to carry all these bags. I’m glad you’re allowed two pieces of luggage à 23kg. I don’t think the trunks will get so heavy, but if they do, that’s as much as I weight! Plus hand baggage, plus rucksack. Yeah… I should definitely think my choice of bags through. Maybe the hand baggage can be strapped to one of the trunks. Or maybe one trunk will be empty enough to fit it into, just for the way to the airport.

Keep that in mind. You still have to get your merchandise home. Somehow. So, if you don’t want to send that big plushy you won from the UFO-catcher per mail, maybe don’t get it at all. Or tuck it under your arm. I don’t know… Just, remember that luggage has limits.
So, how are we going to spend our last day? Perhaps with a bit of everything.
Remember all those museums at Ueno Park, that’s just around the corner of our Airbnb? Yeah, we’re finally going to actually visit one. I love science stuff more than arts and craftsmanship, so it’s going to be The National Museum of Nature and Science! I don't know what's awaiting me, but look at this picture of dinosaur skeletons! That's enough to get me excited!
There was a lot of back and forth with the next spot. Initially I wanted to go, when I heard this place existed a couple of years ago. Then I couldn’t decide if it was worth the hassle. Besides, I’m not too hyped for One Piece anymore. In the end, we may visit Tokyo One Piece Tower nonetheless. I wanted to see Tokyo Tower anyway, so connecting these two spots shouldn’t be a bad idea. 

If we go, I want to see the live show! And if we’re early enough, we could have brunch at Sanji’s Oresama Restaurant, which acts as an All-You-Can-Eat Buffett before 2pm. And the food looks really good in the pictures, it’s tempting.
The Snoopy Museum is nearby, but I don’t know how many museums you can take in one day. The last day, nonetheless. I ditched it for the time being.
With all these museums and merchandise and shopping, it’s a good idea to roughly calculate how much money you’ll need, because there’s a lot you want to spend. It would be a shame not being able to do more than half of what you’ve planned, because you didn’t save or bring enough money.
Maybe sorting specific amounts of Yen by activities is a good idea. So you don’t accidentally spend money you needed for a theme park admission later. 

There’s still time for a last afternoon/evening of karaoke! Free Time should be cheaper before 6pm and in the middle of the week, so take the chance! Sing to your hearts content!

Final dinner should be ramen. A great way to start and a great way to end, I’d say. I heard Yokohama Kakei Ramen (横浜家系ラーメン)is very delicious, especially the branch in Shinjuku. There’s another restaurant in Asakusa, but I don’t know if it’s as good.

Kiara Threepwood