Korilakkuma Café is back to Harajuku this Winter

What would Japan be without its character-themed cafes? To not get bored these cafés are often only time limited and changing nearly every month. One of the main characters for themed cafés is Rilakkuma opening several cafés spread over the year. Right now it is the time for a Korilakkuma Café. Let us take a look inside together!
San-X, the producer of Rilakkuma and other characters released a new design series earlier this month combining the cute small bear Korilakkuma with even cuter cats. Many products are on sale with this theme right now – and also the current Korilakkuma Café picked up the design and so everything in the café is styled with cats. 
The themed café opened its doors on 7th December 2017 and stays until 14th January 2018. It is taking place at the Omotesando Box Café & Space this time which is located a bit in the back of Harajuku and Omotesando area. It takes around 10 minutes to walk there from JR Harajuku station or metro stations Omotesando / Meijijingu-mae

Reservation is required!

To avoid long waiting lines you have to make a reservation before visiting the Korilakkuma Café. This you can do on the official website, which is only in Japanese, however, translation programs might be helpful. They have several time slots every day you can reserve, just notice you are only allowed to stay for 80 minutes inside the café (what is quite enough to eat and take photos). Choose your preferred day of visit and you can see if there are still free slots. Then you have to fill out your data. You have to put a Japanese address, too. When you are not living in Japan the address of your hotel is also ok. 
The reservation fee is 702 yen for each person payable via credit card. For this you will get one of three limited small microfiber towels, a postcard and one of four different luncheon mats randomly on your visit. Have your reservation ready to show on your phone (login on the website) before entering the café. 

Café Decorations

The whole café has a lovely decoration, starting with first pictures on the wall at the long walkway. Downstairs at the waiting area a protector is fixed to show the short Korilakkuma with cats video together with music. When you enter you can find huge images at the wall and many plush toys everywhere around the café. Even if it is just something small I liked the heart-shaped ballons that gave the whole room something special. Because Christmas is coming soon, there is even Christmas decoration including a cute Christmas tree at the entry. 
In the photo corner you have several goods for taking photos and making them ready for your instagram post. Unfortunately it is quit narrow in the corner and the lightening is not the best. 

Foods and Drinks

The selection of dishes is rather small, but this is common in themed cafés. Notice that all following prices are without taxes. 
First, you can choose between three main dishes. Here we have a Korilakkuma Nyan Nyan Gapao Plate which includes an Asian style rice dish, salat and soup (¥ 1,690). The second main dish is the Korilakkuma Hyokkori Omurice Gratin, which as the name says consists out of a gratin with egg and other ingredients. This also comes with a side-dish salad  for ¥ 1,590. Last one is the Korilakkuma Cat Salad Bouquet for ¥ 1,490. The salad is decorated like a flower bouquet that looks really cute and comes together clam chowder soup.
Korilakkuma Gapao Plate
Let us go over to the sweet dishes. Here we first have a Korilakkuma Cat Doughnut which comes along with many different toppings to decorate by yourself. It even includes a small bottle of milk, all together for ¥ 1,490. Next is the Korilakkuma Heartwarming Waffle Parait for ¥ 1,490. You will get a huge waffle together with ice cream, strawberries and other sweets. With the Korilakkuma Nyan Nyan Open French Toast you get a toast covered with differen fruits and whipped cream for ¥ 1,390. Only limited from 20th to 25th December the Korilakkuma Café offers the Korilakkuma Cat Snow Dome for ¥ 1,690. You will get a Christmas-like decorated spongecake together with non-alcoholic sparkling wine. 
We are already with drinks now, so let us go over to this. Here you only can use between two. First they have a Strawberry Choco Drink including tapioca for ¥ 890 or you take the Korilakkuma Cat Hot Latte that comes with sweet strawberry for ¥ 790. When you order one of the drinks you will get one of two exclusive photo sheets, too. 
For take out you can order a Korilakkuma-man that is filled with red bean paste (¥ 390). The face is sticked on and you can put in the ears by yourself.  For ¥ 1,500 you can buy a water bottle with Korilakkuma print filled with ice lemon tea, too. 


When entering the café you get a number for the merchandise area. When this is called, you can go and look around and buy what you want. They have many different limited goods with the new Korilakkuma cat design that you only can buy in the cafe. This includes different coasters, stickers, clear files and key chains. They even have a postcard set, a small mirror charm, masking tape and a case for IC cards this time. I especially like that you can buy the cute mug which is used for the hot latte in the restaurant. Furthermore, they are also  selling some of the regular goods such as Korilakkuma cat plush dolls.
Merchandise at Korilakkuma Café

We visited the café on 16th December 2017 and I enjoyed my time there. The atmosphere and decorations are really nice. The food is more made for looking good and giving a great photo. The taste is not bad, rather normal, but you can definitely find better food in Tokyo for this amount of money. But just for having fun with visiting a character-themed café or if you are a fan of Rilakkuma such me, the café is worth a visit. 

Find the official website here: Korilakkuma-Cafe.jp
I made a video of our visit to the café which you can watch on my YouTube channel with English subtitles. Have fun!

[VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXaOK2vXvJ8">

Claudia Mitsubori