Hyatt Regency Tokyo

The Hyatt Regency Tokyo, rebranded from The Century Hyatt when it first opened in 1980, is centrally located and a few minutes away from the Shinjuku station. The hotel has a courtesy shuttle between the Shinjuku JR station and the hotel. You can also access the hotel from the Tochomae metro station below the hotel, which is a much shorter walk.

Upon entering the hotel, the front desk is to the left. The lobby is large with high ceilings. The lobby does look a little tired and outdated though.

Check-in was quick and efficient.
Upon entering the room, the bathroom was located on the left. There was a single sink with plenty of counter space.
There was the typical Japanese toilet.
There was a shower/tub combo with a hand held shower.
There were Pharmacopia bath products.
Luggage Rack
Upon exiting the bathroom, there was a small space for luggage.
The desk was located to the left. The desk was on the smaller side but functional.
Welcome Letter
There was a letter outlining the Regency Club hours.
Sitting Area
Behind the desk was the sitting area.
Beyond the sitting area was the “bedroom”. There was a dresser/TV.
King Bed
The king bed was on the firm side, but not uncomfortably so. There was a dresser on each side of the bed. Unfortunately, there were no outlets next to the bed.
Additional Seating
Next to the bed was another chair with ottoman.
Yoyogi Park
My room had a view of Yoyogi Park.
Regency Club
The Regency Club was on the smaller side.

There was a small cooler with drinks, a self-serve drink station, cookies, nuts, dried fruit, arare, pickled vegetables and cheese.

I didn’t spend much time in the lounge during my stay. I also did not eat breakfast in the lounge, as I wanted to go out and explore Tokyo rather than eat a mundane meal in all likelihood.

Service was fine throughout my stay. I wasn’t in the hotel much but all employees I encountered were friendly. The hotel is showing its age, and is in need of a renovation. The hotel is centrally located. There’s a decision to be made in the Hyatt market in Tokyo. The Grand Hyatt is a much nicer property, but appears to have more limited treatment options. The Hyatt Regency needs a makeover, but has better transportation options from what I’ve seen.

Eric M