Things You Should Not Do In Japan

Every culture is different. Maybe what you do in your country is acceptable, but in Japan it may be seen as unacceptable and rude. 

Below are some of the things you should not do when visit Japan (PS:  below points are based on my personally knowledge and understanding about Japan, so if there are any mistake or you have any idea to add on, please don’t hesitate to leave comment in the box, Thanks)

1. Don’t enter the House or Temple  with your Shoes 

Please don’t wear any kind of shoes when enter Japanese house, temple, shrine because by doing so, you are not respect them. They simply don’t want the dust and dirt from your outdoor shoes being trekked all over their clean floors.

2.Don’t ignore the Line Up system

Japanese always queue when they are waiting at a bus stop, on a train platform, in a washroom or even for the elevator.

3. Don’t Sip or Eat while Walking and on Public Transport

Avoid eating on the go in Japan because Japanese don’t generally eat or drink while walking and on public transport. This is considered bad manners, but an exception is made for the  long-distance trains. 

4.Don’t go out Without wearing Surgical Mask when you are Sick

By wearing surgical mask when you are sick will keep the germs and diseases away from others.

5.Don’t Sneeze or Blow your Nose in Public 

This is considered bad manner and not polite when you sneeze or blow nose in the public.

6.Don’t Misuse Chopsticks

By follow the right etiquette of using chopsticks, this will shows a sign of respect in Japan. 
You should not wave chopsticks above your food and don’t poke your food with one solitary stick in hand. Also, never use chopstick to pass food to others because of hygiene matter. Never stick your chopsticks vertically in your bowl of rice because this indicated a funeral ritual. When done eating, just put your chopsticks down in front of you facing left.

7. Don’t be afraid to Chew, Slurp, Champ and Burp while Eating

These are common in Japan because this shown a polite indication that you are enjoying your food. 

8.Don’t Tip

Leaving a tip may be taken as an insult.  Service charge is already included in the bill at restaurant, thus don’t leave any tip. 

9.Don’t Litter

Japan is known for their hygiene and cleanliness. So you shouldn’t simply throw your garbage anywhere, this will pollute the environment. Please throw your trash in the trash cans.

10. Don’t serve Yourself a Drink

In Japan, a country where alcohol is a key part of socializing, the custom dictates that family, friends and colleagues are responsible for refill each other’s glass once empty but not your own, which is considered rude.  Remember, a bottle should always hold with both hands when pouring.

11.Don’t Talk too Loud on Phone while Travel on Public Transit and even in Public

The Japanese talk on the phone as quiet as possible when in public. This is to respect each other.

12.Don’t Point

Don’t point at people or things because this is considered rude. When point at something, you should use a hand to gently wave at what you would like to indicate. In addition, when referring to yourself, you should use your forefinger to touch your nose. This also considered one of the Japanese etiquette. 

13.Avoid using One Hand to Give and Receive Things

Both hands are always used when giving and receiving things in Japan. This shows a polite manner.

14. Don’t take Photo in the Museums, Temples, Shrine unless Permission is given.

15.Don’t forget always say Hello, Thank You and Bow

This is to express your polite, gratitude and respect towards others.
 Be familiar with ‘Bowing’ in a right way especially when meeting with elders. This is to show your respect. Bow as many time as you want and then say thank you.

These are all the point that I could think about. Please leave comments if any of you have any idea about ‘Things You Should Not Do in Japan’. Thank You

Will see you next time~~ Bye Bye~~ 

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