Sanrio PuroLand: one of the cutest places in Japan!

I was never a big fan of Hello Kitty, so I never knew that there would be a whole park dedicated to her and her friends. Although I wasn’t expecting it to be as exciting or as huge as Disneyland/Disney Sea, Sanrio Puroland definitely has its unique features to offer! So, fan or not, this park earns its right on the sightseeing and experiences list.
Oh! On another note, even if you aren’t a huge fan, the cuteness level of this theme park is over 9000! If you like cuteness, fluffiness, and smiles, once again, Sanrio Puroland earns the right to be on your list~


Sanrio Puroland opened about 28 years ago in December 1990. It’s an indoor theme park (with 4 floors) that features Hello Kitty and her friends. There are many options for fun ride, picture perfect foods, and absolutely adorable photo ops!

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Address: 1-31 Ochiai, Tama, Tokyo
From Shinjuku Station: 30 minutes via Keio Line -> Keio Tama Center Station
From Tokyo Station: 60 minutes via Chiyoda Line -> Odakyu Tama Center Station
The moment you get to Tama Center Station, you’ll be greeted by a bunch of Hello Kitty decorations at the station, as well as Hello Kitty products and signs that will lead the way to Sanrio Puroland!

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Admission Prices

The ticket prices are fairly price, ranging from 2,500 yen for children and 3,300 for adults (weekday pass). There are also special discount coupons! So check those out in advance!

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 Time Table

An interesting thing to note about Sanrio Puroland is their time table is a little varied. For example, depending on the day, they can close at either 5PM, 6PM, or 8PM. And on some days (even though it’s not a public holiday) they’re closed entirely. Be sure to double check closing times on the day of your visit!

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 Amusement, Games, and Attractions

Sanrio Puroland has a fair share of attractions, all of them being cute, soft, and children friendly! If you and/or your child aren’t too fond of extreme roller coaster, Sanrio Puroland is the place! I would also personally say that Sanrio Puroland offers more photo opportunities than it does rides/games. Therefore, cameras are a must have!

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While there are rides, character meet & greets, and great photo ops, I would say the best part of it all is the Miracle Gift Parade! When you hear the word parade, a common image to think of is somewhere outdoors and sunny. But in Sanrio Puroland, this parade is indoors at “Puro Village”, which a bunch of sparkles, illuminations, Hello Kitty characters, and magic! No joke, when the show starts, they actually have a few trapeze aerialists and gymnasts flying around amidst the lights, it really is magical!

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Everyone also does this cute dance throughout the parade! It's a little fast paced, but still fun to do none-the-less.




Like every other theme park, Sanrio Puroland has too many little shopping centers to choose from! The up side about these shopping centers though is that some of the products sold here are limited to Sanrio Puroland alone. It helps to make a great souvenir for you, or a cute gift for a friend.

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My personal favorites of Sanrio Puroland were Gudetama Land and the Miracle Gift Parade! Although the games in Gudetama Land were mostly targeted towards children, I tried them out anyway. Gudetama Land, in my opinion, just has the best and the most photo opportunities. But then again, I could just be biased (because I love Gudetama~). Then, as mentioned earlier, the Miracle Gift Parade is a must-see! It’s mesmerizing and magical.

Posing with Gudetama in Gudetama land!

Some of my [personal] comparisons

If you’re not as a big a fan of Hello Kitty as you are for, Disney characters for example, would you still want to give this theme park a shot? Let’s take a look!

Some of my personal comparisons!

For more information, you can check out the Sanrio Puroland homepage:

And there you have it folks! Happy travels!

Angie Rin