Soy Milk - The Japanese Beauty Secret - Women Only

 Me, being from Europe, had tasted Soy milk before, but I remembered it as being super disgusting. That’s why I was positively amazed when I tried Japanese Soy Milk for the first time. The taste of the Japanese Soy Milk is so completely different from the Soy milk the Europeans and Americans know it… It is actually quite delicious with an amazing benefit, which is why I decided to write this article.

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Japanese Soy Milk

Because of a lot of lactose intolerance in Japan, milk isn’t hugely consumed. However, Japanese plant-based Soy Milk is sold in a lot of different flavors in Japan and is highly nutritional. It is a staple in Japanese cuisine and is therefore available almost everywhere.
Japanese Soy Milk (Called Tonyu in Japanese) is produced by multiple companies, but the company Kikkoman is the most famous producers of Soy Milk and produces seasonal flavors. (BTW, yes Kikkoman is the exact same company the most famous Japanese Soy Sauce comes from).
Examples of Soy Milk flavors sold throughout the year and available in most Conbini’s are: Regular, Sweetened, Coffee, Banana, Chocolate and Green Tea. Seasonal/Limited flavours include Sakura, Cola, chestnut and Plum. A small 200ml drink will set you back only around 80-100 yen, but also 1 liter packs are available, which can sometimes be bought in a conbini, but will definitely be found in the bigger supermarkets!

Personal Favourites

When I japan I have tried all the different flavours I could find. Honestly I didn’t really care for the flavoured Soy Milk. The banana was okay, but since I am not a big fan of banana based products (except the fruit itself) it wasn’t really my kind of Soy Milk. I like the regular Soy milk, but my absolute favourite was the Sweetened Soy Milk! It was truly delicious. And not that sweet at all!

Why Soy Milk – Japanese Beauty Secret

Soy Milk has a lot of health benefits besides being absolutely delicious. However, besides it being healthy and delicious, soy milk has one more benefit which a lot of Japanese women keep as their secret weapon. This beauty secret is still researched all over the world and even though no solid evidence has been found, Japanese women are firm believers.
Soy Milk (and other Soy products) are said to be breast enlarging because of the high level of isoflavones and phytoestrogens which mimic the female hormone estrogen. It is said a cup of Soy milk a day will enlarge your breast by one to two cup sizes.
(Note: Even though there is no evidence for this yet, Soy Milk intake IS IN FACT ALREADY discouraged for men by doctors because of possible manboob growth)
Personal Experience
When hearing about the Japanese beauty secret I have started drinking a cup of Soy Milk everyday for 1 month and I have definitely noticed a difference. Breast definitely look fuller and got a little bigger. However, when returning home I stopped using Soy Milk, since the Soy Milk in Europe is just disgusting. But I believe this Japanese beauty secret and right now I am finding a way to import Japanese Soy Milk….

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