A must try sweet dessert in Kyoto

Kyoto is not only about visiting temples, it also well known for the sweet dessert. Personally, I highly recommend one of the popular sweet souvenir shops in Kyoto called Otabe (おたべ ).  This shop is famous for their Matcha sweets and is worth a visit. Below is the branch which we visited at Kiyomuzi.

The first one will be the Yatsuhashi (生八つ橋, unbaked yatsuhashi) is unbaked skin made with rice flour, and it comes in different flavours (chocolate, green tea, sesame, and strawberry). Heard that they got special Sakura flavour only in Kyoto during Spring. But I have not got the chance to try it.
The second one will be Kyo Baum ( my fav ones) which is made by using soymilk and matcha.  It has a soft and moist with a rich matcha flavor which covered with a thin layer of sugar syrup.
20171225_221825.jpg 3.22 MB

Tips: If you going to buy back as a souvenir, Kyoto has the limited edition packaging.
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But please do remind that the expired date is about a week or two to maintain its freshness. You can also get it from Kansai International airport but the packaging will be different.  We first bought 1 box from Kiyomuzi to taste it. As expected it was superb! I love the texture and the Matcha wasn't too overpowering. Before we fly back, we bought 2 boxes home as the souvenir.

Colleen Chong