First experience flying with ANA airlines

Today I'm going to share my little experience flying with ANA airlines. After lots of consideration of time and prices, finally, we have decided to travel by plane from Haneda airport (Tokyo)----> Hiroshima.  In all, it took us about 1.5 hours to reach our destination. Still, there are many other option travel down to Hiroshima. For instance, Shinkansen or bus.
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With the advancement of technology, everything is so convenient. ANA has the computerised check-in counter where we can save all the hassle while dropping off our baggage.  If you don't understand Japanese like me, not to worry, there are English options or feel free to seek help from the friendly staff.
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After the smooth check-in, we are traveling by Aircraft Boeing B787 Dreamliner.  
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What's so special about this Dreamliner, I would say the window shades. :D 
Forgot about those plastic shades which most of the aircraft are still using it. With the electrochromic windows, you can adjust the brightness of the window with a button. From fully transparent to completely dimmed. Imagine how cool is that!
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Also, I like to share my little stories. While i was served with light refreshment, one of the pretty stewardess turned to me and said .... At first, I really couldn't hear clearly what she is trying to say to me. Thankfully she was patient enough to repeat again. Finally, I got it! She was trying to tell me that the Mt Fuji is just right beside me. LOL! What a kind gestures. I quickly grab my cam and shot the breathtaking view of Mt Fuji from the top. I wouldn't have missed this beautiful scene if she didn't tell me.
Tiny Mt. Fuji =.=
In order to show my appreciation, I've decided to take a picture with her. She was quite surprised when I first approached her though, chuffed that she agreed.
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Overall it was a wonderful experience traveling with ANA airlines. If anyone got the chance travel to Japan, don't forget at least try their local flights. I'm not sure about others but it did leave good memories in me. :) 

Colleen Chong