Top 10 Must Visit Restaurants in Osaka

Osaka is the second largest metropolitan area in Japan and this city has been known as the ‘The Kitchen of The Nation’. According to the latest population survey, Osaka has reached 2.7 million in July, 2017. Obviously, Osaka has developed as a commercial town from ancient times. Nowadays, Osaka is become must-visit place for travellers. In Osaka, you may find number of delicious restaurants and street foods to visit. Today, I would like to introduce 10 must visit restaurants in Osaka. The restaurants provide delicious local foods at reasonable price. If you travel on budget, you must shop by these restaurants. 
1.  Konidoraku honten Osaka かに道楽本店
Konidoraku honten is one of the most iconic restaurants in Osaka. The giant crab moving outside the restaurant and always welcome you to come. The restaurant offers a variety of crab dishes including sashimi, kani hotpot and shabu shabu. The crabs are so fresh, sweet and juicy without any sauce or dip. Highly recommend to visit Kanidoraku honten at Dotonbori. 
Address                  : 1-6-18, Dotonbori, Chuo-ku,Osaka 
Location                 : 7 minutes from Subway Midosuji-line Namba Station / 5-minute walk from Namba Station on subway Kintetsu Hanshin Nankai and JR
Phone                      : 06-6211-8975 
Open Hour           : Mon-Sun 11:00〜23:00 (Last Order 22:00) 
Closed                    : No fixed holidays
Price                        : Lunch 3,000~4,000 yen, Dinner 6,000~8,000 yen
Website                 :
The oldest Okonomiyaki restaurant in Osaka is Mizuno. It was established in 1945 and run by the same family for 3 generations. In 2016, this restaurants was awarded Michelin Bib Gourmand. Okonomiyaki is the most popular food in Osaka. Many foreigners purposely come to Osaka due to Okonomiyaki food. It is mix a food mix every ingredients together in the bowl and cooked on the hot plate. Their top 5 dishes are Yamaimo-yaki (okonomiyaki with yam mixed), Mizuno-yaki (mixture of minced meat, squid, shrimp, pork and octopus), Modan-yaki (okonomiyaki with yakisoba base), Negi-yaki (okonomiyaki with a spring onion base) and Amakara-yaki (okonomiyaki with sweet and salty taste). I highly recommend Yamaimo-yaki because the food made from 100% yams without using any wheat and you may select scallop, beef loin or pork loin to mix into the food. It is very tasty! Visit at 11 am or 3 to 4pm to avoid queuing. 
Address                 : 1-4-15, Dotonbori, Chuo-ku,Osaka
Location               : 3 minutes from Subway Midosuji-line Namba station,2 exit.
Phone                    : 06-6212-6360
Open Hour         : Mon-Sun 11:00~22:00 (Last Order 21:00) 
Closed                   : –
Price                       :~1,500yen
Website                :
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3. Dotonbori Akaoni 道頓堀赤鬼
Takoyaki also is one of iconic food in Osaka. In Dotonbori, there have many of shops offer Takoyaki. Today, I recommend Dotonbori Akaoni where located in Dotonbori area. This restaurant was awarded Michelin Bib Gourmand in 2016. A lot of local and foreigners like to visit this restaurant only for enjoying takoyaki. They use raw octopus to make variety of takoyaki including the most popular is Takoyaki with melted cheese on top (700 yen / 7pices) and the others Takoyaki with soup (500 yen / 6 pieces), original Takoyaki (500 yen / 8 pirces) also popular dishes in the restaurant. Takoyaki of Akaoni is a must-eat food when you come to Osaka!
Address                 : 1-2-3, Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Location                : 5 minute from Subway Midosuji-line Namba station,5 minutes from Subway Sakaisuji line or Sennichimae-line Nipponbashi station
Phone                     : 06-6211-0269
Open Hour          : Mon-Sun 11:00 ~ 22:00
Closed                    : -
Price                        :~1000 yen
Website                 :
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4. Kushikatsu Daruma 元祖串かつだるま
Kushikatsu Daruma is a popular restaurant in Shinsekai, Osaka since 1929. The restaurant offers delicious kushikatsu made from various foods including meat, seafood and vegetables deep fried on a skewer. There have 3 flavors to choose such as original sauce, good oil and coating. Go to find the restaurant and enjoy freshly fried kushikatsu as much as you can. 
Address                  : 2-3-9 Ebisuhigashi Naniwa-ku Osaka 
Location                 : 3 minutes from Subway Sakaisuji-line Ebisucho station.
Phone                      : 06-6645-7056 
Open Hour           : Mon-Sun11:00〜22:30
Closed                    : 31/12 – 1/1
Price                        : 1500~2500 yen
Website                :
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5. Isono Ryotaro: 100 Yen Kaitenzuhi 磯野漁太郎
Isono Ryotaro is one of the famous kaitenzushi restaurant and the lowest prices in Namba, Osaka. It is located only 5-minute walk from Namba station. You can spot the restaurant easily when you go to Namba area. The sushi is served by conveyer belt and fresh delivered every day. If you travel on budget, this is the place you have to visit due to each plate is only 100 yen for 2 pieces and the most popular lunch course offered on weekdays includes 8 plates of sushi with mini udon for 380 yen. 
Address                :  542-0075 2F Yoshimoto Swing Building, 12-35 Namba Sennichimae Chuo-ku, Osaka 
Location               : 5 minute walk from Osaka Namba Station on Kintetsu Namba Line 
Phone                    : 06-6645 7345
Open Hour         : Mon-Sun 11:00〜23:00
Closed                   : -
Price                       : 100 yen each plate of sushi, 180 yen side menu selection, 180 yen drinks 
Website                :, k983704
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6. 551 Horai: Butaman 551蓬莱
551 Horai’s Pork Bun is another must eat food in Osaka. There have many branches across Kansai area. Many tourists and local people buy the bun as a souvenirs back to their country. Therefore, you can see why the bun sold more than 110,000 pieces every day. The fresh buns consist of diced pork and sweet onion with juicy and chewy texture. The meat to bun ratio was perfect. If you are not pork lover, red bean buns shrimp dumplings also available at the stores. 

Address                : 3 Chome-6-3 Nanba Chuo-ku, Osaka
Location               : 1-minute walk from exit 11 of Namba station of subway Midosuji and Sennichimae line
Phone                    : 06-6641-0551
Open Hour         : 10:00~22:00
Closed                   : Every month of third Tuesday
Price                       : 340 yen (a box of 2 buns), 680 yen (a box of 4 buns), 1,020 yen (a box of 6 buns), 1,700 yen (a box of 10 buns)
Website                : 
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7. Osaka Ohsho: Gyoza 大阪王将
A nationwide franchise Japanese-style Chinese food restaurant that you can find throughout Japan and there are over 300 outlets in worldwide. It was established in 1969 as a gyoza specialist (dumplings). All dishes they offer is priced reasonably. Highly recommend handmade gyoza made from Japanese beef. 
Address                : 1-6-13 Dotonbori Chuo-ku, Osaka
Location               : 1-minute walk from Subway Namba Station Exit 12 
Phone                    : 06-6213 0400
Open Hour         : Mon-Sun 11:00〜06:00
Closed                   : -
Price                       : 200 yen – dumplings 
Website                :
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8. Kinryu Ramen金龍拉麵
Floating dragon is Kinryu Ramen’s landmark in the Nanba area. It is located no more than 500 meters from Namba station. A ticket-style restaurant and open 24 hours every day are loved and visited by many people anytime of the day. There have two items for you to choose, ramen and roasted port fillet men (chashu-men). The soup made by boiling pork bones and noodles are soft and thin. This is one of my favourite ramen restaurant. 
Address                 : 1-7-26 Dotonbori Chuo-ku, Osaka
Location                : 10 minute walk along Midosuji from Exit 14 of Namba Station
Phone                     : 06-6211 3999
Open Hour          : Everyday 24 Hours 
Closed                    : -
Price                       :Ramen 600 yen; Chashu-men 900 yen
Website                : N/A
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9. Pablo Original Rare Cheese Tart 
Pablo is famous for their creamy cheese tarts in Osaka. There have many people are waiting to get cheese tarts every day. They offer freshly baked cheese tarts and some cakes are limited. The original mini cheese tarts (185 yen) and matcha mini cheese tarts (213 yen) are my favourite desserts. Both tarts are super creamy and the texture contrasted nicely with the crusty shell. Stop by Pablo shop today to grab your favourite tarts. 
Address                : 542-0085 Osaka Orefecture, Osaka Chuo Ward Shinsaibashisuji 3-15
Location               : 3-min walk from exit 14 of Namba station of Subway Sennichimae Line
Phone                    : 06-6211 8260
Open Hour         : Mon-Sun 10:00~23:00
Closed                   : -
Price                       : 150 yen ~ 2000 yen  
Website                :
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10. Dotonbori Niku Gekijou 道頓堀肉劇場
If you like donburi, you must stop by Niku Gekijou restaurant located in Osaka region. This is a local chain donburi restaurants at very low-cost foods. They offer a variety of grilled meat and rice bowls with tasty sauce. Daigekijo rice bowl is the most popular donburi (spare rib, skirt steak, chicken neck and pork loin. They also special free large portion rice bowl. What are you waiting for? Go to visit nearest Niku Gekijou restaurant. 
Address                : 2-2-2 Dotonbori, Chuoku, Osaka-Shi, Osaka-fu 542-0071
Location               : 9-minute walk from Namba station 
Phone                    : 06-6214 2951
Open Hour         : Mon-Sun 11:00~23:00
Closed                   : -
Price                       : 690 yen – 1500 yen 
Website                :
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