Miki's Favorite Japanese Shops Series - Nippori Fabric Town

One of the reasons I always loved Japan, even before actually going there, is Japanese goods. I have always loved the gracious, stylish and kawaii style of Japanese items. That is also, why whenever I go to Japan I always return home with at least twice the weight of my luggage than starting with.
In the past couple of years I have found some really special places and shops to shop for specific items which have gotten a special place inside my home. Therefore, with this series, which consists of several different article, which I hope will expand over time, I will introduce to you my favorite Japanese shops selling quality items which might be of interest to you as well.
Please let me know if you have any questions about the store, the items or even items which you would like me to cover in these series!
Have fun reading…

Nippori Fabric Town

What is Nippori Fabric Town

The Nippori Textile District is a roughly one-kilometer stretch of road located three minutes (walking) from the JR Nippori Station south exit and is lined with specialty textile and fabric stores. Besides textiles and fabrics, you can also find accessories such as buttons. It is also famous for very low price 'Nipo-Kaji' (an abbreviation of Nippori Casual) clothing, a popular young style of clothing.

How to get there

The Nippori Fabric Town is very easy to find. Upon exiting the Nippori Station, you will find immediately see a sign saying: Nippori Textile Town with arrows pointing towards the right direction. Getting there has never been more easy. Just a 5 minute walk following the clear AND ENGLISH signage and you will find yourself in a Mecca of fabric.

Clear and Easy Signage in English - Source: Tokyo.com

The Shops

Nippori Fabric Town has a lot of different shops aimed at different markets. You for example have a costume/cosplay store where you can find bright colors and costume fabrics to make all your costume dreams come true. There are also specialized black-white stores, stores selling more upscale fancy fabrics and stores selling interior fabric for curtains, rugs and table covers. However, the majority of the stores is aimed towards the ‘general’ fabrics to make your casual/professional clothing. Look out on the streets to find left over fabrics or great deals!
One of the best things about the Nippori Fabric Town… You can find fabric to suit every budget. (But more on this later)


The most famous shop of the Nippori Fabric Town is Tomato. There are a couple of these stores in the street, all just a little bit different. However, the most famous one is the 5-story high Tomato store which you will pass on your left-hand side. This shop features everything: From Casual to Chic, From Costume to Decorative and Interior fabrics, from high budget to low. (Also, looking for leather or skins? There is also a shop for that!)
Even though little English is spoken, the store pretty much speaks for itself. The stories are divided by theme and most fabrics are arranged by color. Also, there is a clear cutting area, where you can just say (or write down) your desired length in cm/m and the price tag will feature the cost in Yen per meter. The staff is very willing to go the extra mile to make sure you will leave with the fabric of your choice. (When looking for a specific item, just have a picture of the fabric on your phone and they will tell you where to find it.)
I, myself, had a specific mission when I went over to the Fabric Town to find a specific design my mother loved and they didn’t sell often in our own country. I just showed the picture and they guided me to the section where the fabric was located. (So much choice, and cheap). On the search I also picked up 2 other fabrics for myself… A classy Japanese design with cranes which would be lovely for a casual chic look and a nice floral pattern)….

Because of limited suitcase space I had to limited myself to only buying these fabrics....
 (Note: Kimono Fabrics and ‘Japanese’ inspired fabrics are also sold here! Beware: It will be hard resisting to buy all!)

 100 yen Fabric

One of the best things in Fabric Town, loved by most, is the 100 yen section. Lots of stores have a 100 yen section which sells fabric for 100yen a meter. (So cheap!) If you do not have a specific fabric or creation in mind, this rack might inspire you. I found, this rack contains a lot of children’s fabrics, so if you have children/grandchildren be sure to take a look. There might just be something there.
There is a 100 yen area at the Tomato stores, but also a lot of other stores at the Fabric Town offer these amazing fabric deals… All aimed towards different crowds.


So, be sure to check out the Nippori Fabric Town if you are a sowing maniac or wanting to be one, because the deals at the Nippori Fabric Town can not be missed! Next time I will return to Japan, I will be sure to spend an afternoon browsing Nippori Fabric Town once again ^_^

Useful Information

-3 minutes from Nippori Station (on JR Yamanote Station)
-Time needed: 2 hours to half a day
-Fabric Costs: 100yen - 2000yen (a meter) - average around 600yen a meter

Header picture source: www.seehowwesew.wordpress.com

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