Miki's Favorite Japanese Shops Series - Jiyugaoka Waterfront Umbrella Tokyo

One of the reasons I always loved Japan, even before actually going there, is Japanese goods. I have always loved the gracious, stylish and kawaii style of Japanese items. That is also, why whenever I go to Japan I always return home with at least twice the weight of my luggage than starting with.
In the past couple of years I have found some really special places and shops to shop for specific items which have gotten a special place inside my home. Therefore, with this series, which consists of several different article, which I hope will expand over time, I will introduce to you my favorite Japanese shops selling quality items which might be of interest to you as well.
Please let me know if you have any questions about the store, the items or even items which you would like me to cover in these series!
Have fun reading…

Waterfront Umbrella Jiyugaoka  aka Cool Magic Shu's

This time I would like to talk about Umbrellas…
If you have been following my account, you will notice I love Japanese umbrella and I have been writing about Japanese umbrellas before. However, the previous article: https://www.odigo.jp/articles/7734-the-magic-umbrella-the-ultimate-japanese-souvenir-which-will-amaze-everyone has been directed towards Kyoto and this time I will tell you about a store in Tokyo!
The Waterfront Umbrella store in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo is the main store of the popular Umbrella brand: Waterfront. The store is also referred to s: Cool Magic Shu’s.
Umbrellas are very important in Japanese society. Whereas business men and women all wear their grey suit to fit the company image, Umbrellas are a way to express yourself. That is also why in Japan umbrellas come in every shape, color and pattern available to make it a true reflection of your personality.
And after buying the Japanese Magic Umbrella which displays a pattern when getting wet, I found the umbrella, although lovely, isn’t very convenient, since it dries very slowly…  So I wanted to buy another Japanese Umbrella!
And that’s when I found Waterfront Jiyugaoka.
This store specializes in Umbrellas and with over 10.000 umbrellas (around 500 different kinds) available you will be sure to find your match.
The store has multiple levels with the first floor being a ‘Library’ featuring a special selection of small umbrellas to fit in your pocket or purse and newly designed umbrellas.
The other levels are designed for a specific target audience; A special floor for men, one for children and one for women.
The mens department features darker colors and some special umbrellas with ‘pistol’ or ‘nunchuck’ holders and are made to be very strong.
The childrens department features colorful and light umbrellas, but also special shapes like animal-shaped handles or umbrellas stored inside a stuffed animal to carry around.
The female department features the most variety with lots of different pattern and colors, but also the famous ‘wet-pattern’ umbrella’s, waterresistant and windresistant umbrellas. 

English Okay?

The staff speaks limited English, but is definitely willing to help out. Use easy Japanese or easy English and they will try to help you as much as possible. 
For example, I asked for a ‘Windresistant’ umbrella, since I live in The Netherlands and rain is usually accompanied by strong winds, and the staff was very kind to try to explain the differences between the umbrellas and helped me made the right choice…

Japanese Pattern - Multiple frame umbrella for strong winds - Source: http://jpninfo.com


A specialized store in Umbrellas with this much choice? They will probably have a pretty high pricetag, because you pay for quality?
Inside the store you will find many different price ranges. The high quality Japanese patterned wind resistant (and water repellent) umbrella I bought set me back around 4500 yen.
However, there are also plenty of decent umbrellas sold for around 1000-2000 yen and the pocket-sized umbrellas (which I also bought one) will only set you back 1500 yen. A bargain, when you think about how convenient and lightweight it is and to always have an umbrella with you…

Selection of Umbrellas:


Sneak Peak of the store and a small selection (Not my video)



If you want a high end umbrella which is definitely different from the ones you can buy in your country, please pay a visit to Waterfront Jiyugaoka. For a decent price you can find great umbrella which will last a lifetime.

This umbrella will definitely make you stand out in the crowd - Source: https://matcha-jp.com

Useful information

-Address: 1 Chome-9-1 Jiyugaoka, 目黒区 Tokyo 152-0035, Japan
-Closest station: Jiyugaoka Station North or South Exit (15 minutes on the Tokyu Toyoko Line from Shibuya)
-How to get there: Only a 1 minute walk from the exit of Jiyugaoka Station.
-Opening hours: 11:00-20:00

Header Picture Source: Umbrella.sg

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