Best Japanese Brand Products to Get Rid of Stubborn Blackheads and Stains

Baking soda is widely used in baking. However, this baking soda has developed and expanded by Ishizawa Lab on their cleansing and oral care series. Baking soda is effective to remove blackheads and dirt pores. At the same time, they also develop Japanese rice series that help to soften the skins. Nowadays, they have widened their product lines from cleansing milk to bathing soap, body soap, nose cream pack and many skin care products, aiming to care for all kinds of pore troubles. All the series have brought confidence to the skin of girls and boys who have strawberry and orange pores. 
1. Ishizawa Keana Baking Soda Scrub Wash for Men (1,200 yen – 10g) 
It contains baking soda, scrub and enzyme powder formula that effective to remove stubborn blackheads and excessive dirt on men. Your skin won’t feel so dry after cleansing due to formulated with an Amino Acid based that hydrated and smooth the skin.
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2. Ishizawa KeanaNadeshiko Rice Serum Pore Care Toner (1, 500 yen – 200ml) 
This is full of rice serum made from 100% Japanese rice extract that can minimize the large pores. It creates smooth and elastic skin after use. All ingredients are natural and free of fragrance and colorant.
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3. Ishizawa Keana Goodbye Kibami Toothpaste (1,200 yen - 140g) 
If you like to smoke, tea or coffee, you should try Keana Goodbye Kibami Toothpaste. It contains natural fruit extracts and soda to remove stubborn yellow stains easily. In addition, peppermint essential oil is used for long-lasting fresh breath protection. No abrasives or synthetic surfactants in this product.
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4. Ishizawa Keana Baking Soda Cleansing Milk (1,620 yen – 150ml) 
This cleansing milk contains baking soda that helps to soften dry, dead skin cells and remove dirt pores. You will feel your skin so smooth after cleansing since it is also contains thermal spring water to moisture skin. Gentle to cleanse around the eyes with no-scrub formula.
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5. Ishizawa KeanaBaking Soda Nose Cream Pack (2,000 yen - 15g)
A tube packaging with gentle cream that helps to get rid of blackheads. It contains Sodium Bicarbonate and Volcanic Soil can suck away dirt and blackheads from pores just only 5 minutes and feeling smooth after used.
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6. Ishizawa Keana Baking Soda Moist Peeling (1,600 yen – 200ml) 
A bottle of Moist Peeling can effective to clear out the pores with baking soda and nadeshiko extract. Both ingredients help to remove dead skin cells, blackheads and rough skin surface. If you want brighten your skin, this is a good product to transform it into bright and beautiful skin. It is recommended to use 2-3 times a week.
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