Vegetarian Eats Around The Campus of Kansai Gaidai Week 1

Being a vegetarian is not only hard but also very rare in the Hirakata, Osaka Prefecture. With the help of my new international and local friends who can read and converse in Japanese, unlike me, I was able to eat and try some of the most amazing food of my life. Here’s what I recommend to my vegetarian readers while they’re studying abroad at Kansai Gaidai University or visiting near the Nakamiya Campus:


Located 240 m away from the campus is Udonyarokka that serves extremely delicious Udon noodles. The majority of the menu is filled with meat delicacies but surprisingly it even has many vegetarian options as well. The following are the vegetarian options it offers:

Kake udon: Plain Udon with Broth (¥530)

Hiyakake Udon: Cold Plain Udon with Broth (¥530)

Kitsune Udon: Udon topped with fried soybean curd (¥790)

Kasu Udon: Udon topped with Empty Tempura (¥870)

Oroshi bukkake udon: Udon with radish (¥570)

Ume Oroshi bukkake udon: Oroshi Bukkake with Salty Plum (¥670)

Kakiage Mochi Udon: Udon topped with Vegetable (& shrimp) Tempura and mochi (rice cake (¥730)
Kitsune Udon

Kakiage mochi Udon


At Cafeteria 1 there are a few options for vegetarians. Eating here will not only keep a check on your budget, but is also very tasty. The following are the options you can fearlessly order here:

The Hot Udon and Soba (¥150)

Tempura of vegetables and egg bowl (¥260, ¥310, ¥360) – Comes with rice

Salad bowl (¥160)

Miso Soup (¥40)


This small restaurant right outside the main gate of Kansai Gaidai Nakamiya Campus that serves delicious Indian food. The owner is able to speak Japanese and Hindi, but no one is able to converse in English. It might be hard to order if you can’t speak these languages, but it is worth it. The menu itself has vegetarian options written in both Japanese and English. Every Indian dish with meat is properly labelled such as Chicken Tikka Masala or Chicken Muglai. Menu items without any meat in their name are vegetarian.
Fried Bengan Sabji (eggplant)

I hope the vegetarian options I explored last week are useful for you guys. If you know of any vegetarian restaurants near campus, I’d love to hear your recommendations. Watch out for the next food post!

Ayushi Kalyani