First Spring Feelings in Japan: Coca Cola Peach and Sakura Bottle are released now

Japan is famous for their time-limited editions of food and drinks, and especially for some companies everyone is excited what they will release next. Since spring is coming soon, the cherry blossom time is becoming a topic more and more - and Coca Cola made the start in the sakura rally for me. 
Today, on 22nd January 2018, the Coca Cola company released two new sorts at the Japanese market: Coca Cola Peach and the Sakura Bottle. The funny fact about the day: a snow storm is right out in Tokyo bringing a white carpet over Japan's capital. So the new cola editions are a good way to get a slight spring feeling on the cold day.
Coca Cola Peach & Sakura Bottle in the snow

Coca Cola Peach

The bottle of the new Coca Cola Peach has a pink and red lable coming up together with a round peach surrounded by carbonated bubbles. The drink itself goes with a slight peach flavor inside the usual taste of this coke. It is nice and refreshing and I like it very much indeed (better than the normal one). 
From today it is available in two different sizes: the normal  500 ml bottle is for sale everywhere around Japan for 140 yen* and the smaller one with 280 ml inside which is limited to vending machines and costs 115 yen*. 

Sakura Bottle 2018

Already in 2017 Coca Cola released a limited-edition bottle with sakura design for the cherry blossom season and it was a big hit. Also this year they released a new edition with a new design – for sure again in pale pink with many cherry blossoms on it. 
Other than the Coca Cola Peach, the Sakura Bottle doesn’t have a special flavor – it is a normal coke with a unique design. The aluminium bottle fits 250 ml and costs 125 yen*. You can find it at supermarkets, convenience stores and souvenir shops all over Japan, but be quickly, because last year they were sold out very quickly. 
* Prices vary by the place you are buying them.

I also made a short video about both cokes on my YouTube channel. Take a look ♥

Claudia Mitsubori