The adventure of Mt Misen in Miyajima island (Hiroshima)

Mt. Misen, the sacred mountain in Miyajima island.  peaking at 535m above the sea levels. If you happen to visit Miyajima island in Hiroshima, you definitely need to hike up this holy mountain. I promised you will never forget this wonderful experience.
As soon as we saw the huge signboards of Miyajima ropeway entrance, keep walking straight up and will reach Momijidani Park. This is the place where visitors can either take a free shuttle bus up to the Miyajima ropeway (Momijidani station) or walk up.  We both decided to take a stroll up since we are not in a hurry. As we walked, we discovered how beautiful this mini forest is.
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Until now everything was pretty straightforward, as there are English translation signboards to follow with. Before reaching the ropeway station, we first need to conquer the 100 steps.  Not to worry, you will get there and don't let the figure scares you away. LOL! 
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The ropeway fares can be purchased through the machine and again there is an English option to help you out.  For an adult, 1000 yen for one way, 1800 yen for round trip. As for children, one way - 500 yen, round trip 900 yen. Once we got our tickets, we all set to ride in the cable car. Tips to share, always remember to check the last train schedule, so that you can have a peace of mind at the top of the mountain.
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Basically, we get to ride 2 types of cable care up to the Shinshiiwa station (last station). The first one will be the Gondola lift which fit fewer people. This means we can have the exclusivity ride and enjoy their flightseeing up to the top of the mountain.
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On the midway, we arrived at the Kayatani station and transferred to another lift (aerial tramway) which fits more people. Luckily we are the 2nd person in the queue and found us a great position to take photos while we are on our way to the Shishiiwa station.
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We reached Shishiiwa station where the observatory is on the right. We both got so excited over it and took heaps of photos in the observatory and the views were superb!
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Then we found a map and obviously, Shishiiwa observatory was not yet the summit.
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A friendly reminder before hiking up to the summit, make sure you wear a pair of comfortable walking shoes, pack light and not to forgot to pack some snacks and water. As we noticed there are no vending machines along the way.  Along our way, we actually witness a female visitor who wore a pair of high heel boots and struggled along the way.   As we hike up, there are plenty of interesting views along the way. Besides that, we walked past a few elderly Japanese people who gear up completely. Probably that's the key to eternal youth where exercise has become part of their daily exercise.  In less than an hour, we reached the first stop where we can relax a wee bit before we continue heading up to the summit.  The Misenhondo Hall and the Reikado Hall ( Eternal fire hall) can be found at this stop which believed that the fire has existed more than 1200 years. It also used to light the Flame of Peace in the Peace memorial park.
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Along the way, we saw another hall in the mountain, which are Sankido Hall, Kanondo Hall, and Munjudo Hall.  As soon as we walked past the Fudo-iwa (Acala Rock) and the Kuguri-iwa (Duck under rock), we knew we almost there! Finally, we arrived at the summit. All our hard works finally paid off! The cool breeze and breathtaking views were priceless! We quickly made oursleves to the Mt Misen observatory. The view was amazing from the top, we actually able to see tiny islands around the bay and literally the whole Hiroshima.
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After resting for a while at the deck and absorbing all the fresh air at the top, we finally make our way back to the bottom.  Personally, I would not say it is a hard hike but it definitely not the easiest one. Along our way down, we spotted a deer was busying hunting for food.
Cute heartshape butt ! LOL!
  Lastly, if time allows, don't forget to check out the Lovers sanctuary/satellite located inside the Shishiiwa station (2nd floor inside the building). The Lovers sanctuary is to help couples to deepen the bond when they light the monumental together.
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How meaningful it is to end our trip to Mt Misen by firing up the lights of love! 

Colleen Chong