Limited Edition Coca-Cola Japan Cherry Blossom Sakura Design Bottle for Spring 2018

Coca-Cola is well-known carbonated soft drink produced by Coca-Cola Company. No doubt, Coca-Cola is the world’s largest beverage company where they offer over 500 brands to people in more than 200 countries. The company always release limited edition bottle design and drinks to the market. Last year, Coca-Cola announced they will be releasing limited edition cherry blossom (sakura) design bottle in January 2018 and this bottle is only available in Japan.
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According to Coca-Cola, the spring season in Japan is a time for celebration young generation who graduate from college or school and start a new academic years and of course the coming cherry blossom season. 
 This is a chance to get one and bring back home during visit to Japan. The design is adorable with pink and white cherry blossom that is such a symbol of Japan during spring season. The cherry blossom cover much larger portion of the bottle. You can easily to find large picture of cherry blossom at supermarkets, convenience stores and souvenir shops. It costs 125 yen per 250ml bottle and per pack of six bottles.                   
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Coca-Cola Company also releases first ever peach-flavoured Coca-Cola in the market as well. Peaches is popular fruits in Japan and Japan celebrates the seasonal festival of peaches every year of Mach to celebrate the upcoming spring. It releases at 22nd 2018 in Japan at the cost of 115 yen. If you like peach, you have to check it out at nearest convenience stores in Japan.
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The beautiful designed bottle is sets to be one of the most popular spring beverages in Japan. Go to grab one bottle of limited edition Coca-Cola Japan Cherry Blossom now at convenience stores, supermarkets and souvenir shops in Japan from 22nd January 2018. 
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