The Classic Japanese Snacks You Should Try

The Japanese snack food industry became highly competitive. It is common that Japanese snacks come and go quickly. When you find something you like, they stop producing it. In the environment of constant change, a few snacks have become classics. 

Below are some of the classic snacks that are adore and love by many people:

1. Senbei

Senbei are rice crackers. They are available in many shapes, sizes and flavors.

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2. Crepes

Crepes are popular in Japan. Many shops offering a large variety of flavors and unique twists to the classic pancake snack.

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3. Melon Pan

Melon Pan is a Japanese sweet bun shaped like a melon with a thin cookie crust. Despite their name, Melon Pan is not typically melon flavored.

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4. Daifuku (or Daifuku mochi)

It contains sweet inner filling covered by a layer of mochi.

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5. Castella

Castella is a popular sponge cake that was introduced to Japan by the Portuguese in the 16th century. It is made from flour, sugar, eggs, and starch syrup.

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6.  Kaki No Tane (or Kaki Seeds)

They are made up of small crescent fragments of Senbei (i.e. look like the seeds of a kaki fruit) and peanuts. [P/S: Kaki fruit is known as ‘Persimmon’ in English]. It tastes slightly spicy as their ingredients include a small amount of chili powder.
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7. Wasabi Peas

They are roasted peas covered in a batter that includes wasabi powder. 

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8. Choco Banana

These are chocolate covered bananas propped on sticks.

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9. Umaibo

Umaibo are a brand, wrapped cylindrical corn puffs that come in dozens of flavors both savory and sweet. They are represented by a cat mascot (look alike as Doraemon)

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10. Kinoko No Yama

These are biscuits shaped like mushrooms topped with chocolate that come in several flavors.

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They have alike product called “Takenoko No Sato” that is shaped like bamboo shoots. 

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11. Arare

Arare are crunchy and savory snack made from glutinous rice and flavored with soy sauce. Arare often have something at their center such as peanuts or peas.

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12. Konpeito

These are traditional Japanese sugar candies. It has unique appearance (i.e. rough texture, star shape) with variety of colors. 

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13. Jagarico

Jagarico are potato chips in stick-shape which were introduced in 1995 with few different flavors such as Butter and Salt, Spicy Fish Roe, and Salad flavor is the most popular for the Japanese.

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14. Ichigo Ame

Ichigo Ame is made by placing a row of strawberries on a skewer then coating them with an out layer of caramelized sugar. 

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15. Bisuko

Bisuko is a cookie of two plain biscuits sandwiched together with vanilla cream. It was an old brand since1933.

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16. Takoyaki

Takoyaki is a savory Japanese snack made by covering minced octopus, tempura bits, pickled ginger, and green onion with a ball of batter.

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17. Pretz

Pretz are a brand of seasoned pretzel-like sticks that were released in 1962 with varieties of flavor.

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18. Pocky

Pocky are a brand of chocolate covered biscuit sticks that were released in 1966 with hundreds of flavors but the red packaged chocolate flavor is the timeless classic.

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19. Anpan

Anpan is a sweet Japanese roll usually filled with red bean paste. Other common fillings include green beans, white beans, chestnuts, and sesame.  It was invented in 1875.

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20. Big Katsu

This is an inexpensive snack that looks like ‘Tonkatsu’, a popular Japanese breaded pork dish. It contains a surprising amount of pork and sauce flavor for such a thin snack.

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These are just some of the classic Japanese snacks that I could think of and I’ll recommend you to try if you haven’t. Please leave comments if you could think of more classic Japanese snacks that we all should try. Thank you.

Will see you next time! ByeBye^^

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