Amazon Japan Revealed Top 10 Japanese Medicines in 2017

Amazon is online shopping from the biggest selection of books, electronics, computers, magazines, videos and many other items you want. Recently, Amazon Japan has announced top 15 Japanese drug products in 2017. Today, I am going to show you top 10 Japanese drug products you must buy. Write it down before heading to Japan and bring back home as souvenirs. 
Top 10 
Sante PC Blue Light Drops (535 yen - 12ml) 
Blue light is come from computers, smartphones and television where can damage your eyes. Sante PC is formulated to ease optical damaged caused by blue light. It helps to remove discomfort to the eyes. The product also contains chondroitin sulphate sodium to protect the cornea and vitamin B6 for activating metabolism of damaged eye tissues. If you always working with computer and smartphone, Sante PC Blue Light Drops is one of the best solution for your discomfort eye.
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Top 9
Riup X5 Plus (7,611 yen – 60ml) 
Riup X5 Plus is a hair growth product for men and launched in 1999. The product is popular in Japan due to it is very effective for the hair growth. It contains Minoxidil, Pryridoxine Hydrochloride, Tocopherol Acetate and I-menthol ingredients that helps new hair growth and prevention of hair loss. The product comes in a bottle and easy to use. It will provide a sensation of coolness after washing the hair.
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Top 8
Tiovita (593 yen – 100ml x 10 pcs)

This is a nutritional supplementary drink from Japan. It contains vitamin B and taurine to recover from fatigue and boost of performance after tired work. The taste is fresh to meet consumer preferences in Japan.
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Top 7
Rohto Lycee Eye Drops(473yen – 8ml) 
Lycee is the most popular eye drops product in Japan. If you having dry or sore eyes while wearing contact lenses and irritation of eye, Lycee Eye Drops is the best solution to moisture and relieves discomfort. They use quality ingredients that refreshes and rehydrates tired and sore eyes. A small packaging with pink color and easy to bring it out.
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Top 6
Asahi EBIOS (2,307 yen – 2000 tablets)

EBOIS is full of brewer’s yeast that can increase your appetite and increase function of intestinal lactic acid bacteria when you feel loss of appetite, indigestion, abdominal bloating, eating or drinking too much. Besides, this product also contains vitamin B1, B2 and B6, nucleic acids, proteins and minerals that helps stomach function properly.
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Top 5
Sante FX NEO Eye Drops (450 yen – 12ml)

This is another Sante FX Neo Eye Drops from Japan. If you have fatigue eyes caused by overusing of eyes, this is the best eye drops for you to get rid of tired and red eyes. A strong soothing and refreshing sensation after applying Sante Fx Neo.
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Top 4
Ryukakusan Direct Stick Peach (524 yen – 16 sticks)

Ryukakusan is well-known Japanese brands selling in Asian Countries. A lot of foreign tourists like to buy Ryukakusan as souvenir. How do get rid of a bad cough? Ryukakusan is a good remedy. It directly affects the throat mucus membranes and activates the throat’s ciliary movement. This is like soft snow flakes that quickly melts into your mouth and avoid drinking water after taken.
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Top 3
Santen Beauteye Drops (1,234 yen – 12ml)

Strong UV, tired or lack of sleep can cause your eyes are stress and discomfort. Santen Beauteye contains Taurine and Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate that improve turnover of eyes and moisturize cornea. It also contains vitamin B12 that helps to relieve tired eyes.
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Top 2
Ryukakusan Direct Stick Mint (623 yen – 16 sticks)

This is another Ryukakusan Direct best-selling in Japan. A medicine product that relieves discomfort throat. Due to stick packaging, it can be taken anywhere and easy to eat.
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Top 1
Lion Pair Acne Medicated Acne Care Cream (698 yen – 24g)

Acne is our biggest enemy and almost teenagers suffer from severe acne breakout. Lion Pair Acne cream is the best-selling acne treatment cream in Japan. The cream contains Ibuprofen Piconol (IPPN) formula and with anti-inflammation for curing swelling acnes and calming inflammation. It does not fade acne scars. Texture of the cream is light and non-sticky.
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