12 Favorite Skin Care Products Selected by Readers from Japanese Beauty Magazine

In 2018, Japanese Beauty Magazine《美的》has collected questionnaires from 13,702 readers to survey their favourite skin care products including makeup remover, cleanser, skin lotion and sheet mask. From the questionnaire, they found that most of their favourite products are below 1,500 yen. Today, let’s me show you top 3 skin care products from makeup remover, cleanser, skin lotion and sheet mask. Which one is yours favourite products?

A.        Makeup Remover

Top 1. Kao Biore Perfect Oil (952 yen – 230ml) 
Kao Biore Perfect Oil is number one makeup remover in Japan. It is able to remove both dry and wet skin without cotton pad required. Just you need to massage gently and rinse off with water. The formula easily dissolves and removes stubborn makeup including waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Low acidity and maintains skin moisture balance.
Photo credit: http://www.kao.com/my/biore/bio_clensing_perfectoil_00.html

Top 2. Muji Mild Gel Cleansing (556 yen – 150g) 
Another the most favorite makeup remover is Muji Mild Gel Cleansing. This is gel texture cleansing which quickly to remove makeup neatly. The selling point is fragrance free, mineral oil free, coloration free, and alcohol free. It contains apricot juice and peach leaf extract ingredients for moisture the skin after cleansing. 
Photo credit: http://www.banhbeophuphiem.com/

Top 3. Mandom Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Moist (1,000 yen – 300ml) 
The third place of favorite makeup remover should be Mandom Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Moist. It contains hyaluronic acid and amino acid that help to retain moisture on skin after washing with water. 100% oil free and non -sticky formulation. 

Top 1. Mellsavon Face Wash Moisture Deep Off (1,000 yen – 120g) 
This is the first favorite cleanser among readers. Cleanser is important to remove dirt deep within the pores. Mellsavon has a great cleansing form which contains rice bran oil and virgin oil, mineral clay, wine yeast extract, apple polyphenol and flower essence. These ingredients for moisture your skin after cleansing. 

Photo credit: http://www.mellsavon.com/

Top 2. Senka Perfect Whip (480 yen – 120g) 
Senka Perfect Whip is newly formulated with hyaluronic acid for smoothing and maintain moisture the skin after cleansing. White, soft and rich bubble form can clean out the dirt from the pores easily. Your skin become clean, hydrated and soft.
Photo credit: http://minneeme.com/senka-perfect-whip-review/

Top 3. Biore Skin Care Facial Foam (427 yen – 130g) 
The third popular cleanser is belong to Biore Skin Care Facial Foam. This is Japanese cleansing foam that helps to remove dirt and sebum. It is made with Japan Innovation Skin Purifying Technology (SPT) to maintain skin’s natural PH balance while cleansing the skin. They have 5 different types facial foam available in the market such as Moisture, Rich Moisture, Scrub-in, Medicated Acne Care and Deep Clear.
Photo credit: http://www.skincare-univ.com/daily/news/011974/

C. Skin Lotion 
Top 1. Imju Naturie Skin Conditioner (650 yen – 500ml) 
The most favorite Skin lotion is belong to Imju Naturie Skin Conditioner. A Japanese brand skin lotion to provide and retain moisture and conditions the skin. It contains natural plant called Hatomugi extract to hydrate and moisture the skin without any sticky feeling. It can be used for face and body. Good for minimizing the pores and it has cooling effect after use.
Photo credit: http://www.ymatou.com/product/ac9539ac889c4a498b36ce892eb5ba96.html

Top 2. Shiseido AquaLabel White Up Lotion I (1,400 yen – 200ml) 
This product is full of m-tranexamic acid and baby amino acid that help to moisture skin while preventing freckles and brighten the skin. It has light fresh rose fragrance.
Photo credit: http://us.cosme.net/products/show/10124390

Top 3. Hada Labo Whitening Skin Lotion (740yen – 170ml) 
Hada Labo is the best Japanese whitening toner brand. That’s why Hada Labo is placed in the third favourite brand among readers. They emphasize simple, perfect and confident with skin care products. No fragrance, mineral oil and additives that burden the skin. This whitening toner delivers radiant and moisture skin due to hyaluronic acid, glycerin and arbutin formula.
Photo credit: https://www.hadalabo.com.my/

D. Sheet Mask 
Top 1. LuLuLun Face Mask (1,500 yen – 36 pieces) 
Lululun face mask brand is always highly recommend by the beauty artists. They focus on providing Japanese grade quality with no added artificial fragrances, colors and mineral oils. It is special for designed for daily use to deliver moisture every day.
Photo credit: http://lululun.com/

Top 2. BCL Saborino Mask (1,300 yen – 32 pieces) 
A mask to be used in the morning. This is 3-in-1 face mask that designed for those people who like fast and efficient skin care. It provides cleansing, toning and primer. I like the natural fruit scent when start applying the mask.
Photo credit: http://www.bcl-brand.jp/special/saborino/

Top 3. My Beauty Dairy Black Pearl Mask (1,360 yen – 10 pcs) 
Not surprise that readers like My Beauty Dairy Mask from Taiwan. They provide a wide selection of masks to solve different skin problem in different seasons. Black Pearl Mask is rich in amino acids and vitamins that give dull skin immediate moisture-relief. It is suitable for daily use to give a great complexion.

Photo credit: http://www.beautydiary.com.tw/

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