Ramen and Beer Haven of Japan

Everyone has their comfort food or drink. For me it's ramen and beer. 
Ramen gives warmth like a mother's hug and beer will always be a loyal companion. 
My trip to Sapporo led me to ramen and beer haven of Japan... Ramen Kyowakoku ( Sapporo Ramen Republic) and Sapporo Beer Museum. 

SAPPORO RAMEN KYOWAKOKU (Sapporo Ramen Republic)

For ramen lovers this place is heaven on earth. One stop destination where you can taste ramen from top restaurants all over Hokkaido, shop ramen related items and visit a shrine for the ramen god.
It’s conveniently located on the 10th floor of ESTA COMPLEX near JR Sapporo Station.

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A shrine dedicated for the Ramen god.

Sapporo Ramen Republic Restaurants

Miso Ramen
Shirakaba Sansou
Yoshiyama Shouten

Soy Sauce Ramen
Shodai ( Otaru)
Baikouken ( Asahikawa)

Salt-Based Ramen
Ajisai ( Hakodate )

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Hakodate style ramen

Address: 〒060-0005 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo, Kita 5 Jonishi, 2 Chome, エスタ
Hours: 11 AM -10 PM
Website:  http://www.sapporo-esta.jp/page/ramen


If you love beer and history this is the place to be.
Sapporo Beer Museum is where you can gulp down  every milliliter of draft beer goodness and learn everything about it.

Reb Brick Building
A valuable architecture that will give you the Meiji era vibes.
This construction houses Sapporo Beer Museum and Sapporo Beer Garden Kaitakushi-kan,where you can learn the history of beer development in Japan.
You can also enjoy beer tasting and savor Hokkaido’s specialty Genghis Khan ( barbecued lamb) inside this building.

Star Hall- place where you can enjoy awesome beer straight from Sapporo Beer Hokkaido Brewery
Displaying the evolution of Sapporo Beer label
Advertisement through the years
Triple brand set ( Sapporo Black Label, Classic Draft beer and Kaitakushi beer pilsner) Y600

Free Admission
Premium Tour
Adult: Y500                           
Child: Y300
Hours: 10:30 am- 6: 30 pm
By Bus
Loop No. 88 ( JR Sapporo South Exit) -> get off at Sapporo Beer Garden ( travel time: 15 mins.)
Higashi 63 ( JR North Exit) -> get off at Sapporo Beer Garden Iriguchi ( travel time 10 mins.)

By Train
Touhou-Line Higashi Kuyakusyomae Station ( about 10 minutes walk from this station)

So if you are a ramen fan, a beer enthusiast or just the curious one...visit these places to enjoy, learn and make your tastebuds extremely happy.

Aira A