Nostalgic Feels @ the Ranma 1/2 Cafe

Reunite with the Ranma 1/2 characters again not in new anime season but at Ikebukuro's The Guest and Diner .
This Collabortion cafe will be running from 6th Jan - 25th Feb.
If you wish to go , theres no need to make reservations online , instead you will be ask to get a ticket on the 1st Floor before entering the cafe on the 7th floor , on unbusy weekdays , you can go ahead to the cafe without getting ticket.
If you have the App LINE , you will be able to get a number ticket with the app by scanning the Qr code , and adding The Guest to your friends list,
once you have done the registation form on the app , you will be notifed to enter the cafe on Line.
You can enter the cafe when your number is called.
For those that only want to buy limited collaboration goods must form in another line from the guest that are lining up for the cafe.

Food Menu
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Shampoo's Ramen Set

The same bowl and ramen that was on the anime and manga series.
The famous Ramen from Shampoo's Great Grandma's Cat Chinese Resturant.
If you choose the set option you'll get to take the Bowl and Spoon (with Shampoo Cat ver) home, you will recieve the items at the counter.

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Legendary fire pot ~ Castle Izumiga style

Taken for the scene when Ranma and his father train in the river in China that causes them to change into a girl and panda.
Ranma falls into the river which is curse by the girl that fell in that river and his dad does the same but falls into the one that drowned a panda.

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Akane's Training Rice

When Akane trys her best to cook curry on the training episode.
Her best curry !? ... theres a hidden taste....

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It's Special Move Plate

Including Ranma's Flying Dragonfly Tomato Sauce Pasta, Ryoga's Explosion Point Fried Rice, old Hachiha's Meatball Bombs and Kudo senpai...

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Okonomiyaki by Ucc Chan

A messaged Okonomiyaki by Ucc Chan, customers who have order more than one food or dessert item can only order this item.

Sweets list.
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Sakura Cake Parfait of Fortune Telling

Made by Akane , with Sakura flavour ice cream, green tea warabi mochi.
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Saotome Genema's Japanese Styled Sweet Plate

Ranma's Dad in panda version, taken in a form of cotton candy , melt the cotton candy with water pot ( like in the series), and something will be revealed.

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P-Chan's Footsteps Pancake

Ryoga's Pig form in a pancake with a melon jelly.

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Take it! Tears of the Phoenix Round Fire Tianjin Cherry Blossom Mont Blanc
Fire Tianjin express into a Mont Blanc dessert.
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Special Mousse Flower Pack

A Chinese mousse sweets dish made for Shampoo by Mossue.
Made with Duck egg yolks and bean paste.
Mossue's feelings to Shampoo~

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Customers who ordered drinks will recieve a special coaster , given out randomly out of 11 designs.

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Character Print latte with Akane's Animal!? cookies

Can choice hot or cold latte option

Character prints are randomly made and includes
Hot Latte: Ranma (boy version) , Shampoo, Akane and Moose.
Cold Latte: Shampoo (cat ver), Mousse (duck ver), P-chan, Genma (panda ver).

Animal Cookies made by Akane in Cooking class.
Each customer will get one animal cookie at random out of 3 designs.
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Shampoo's  Delight Smoothie

A cute pastel pink and blue smoothie , a drink as cute as Shampoo~
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Black Rose Soda and with numbness...

Roses scattered everywhere giving you a numbness (not really)
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Infinite Battle Fish Bowl Drink

A fruity drink designed after Dr Hanako's fish bowl.

After eating why not buy something to take home to remind you of a awesome time at the Ranma 1/2 Cafe

Goods List
Bowl, tote bag, Badges, stationary, spatula, hair accessories, mugs, towels charms etc.
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*More goods not shown

*Fukoka Parco (11 Jan - 18 feb ) will be selling Ranma 1/2 Cafe goods.

Adress THE GUEST cafe&diner(池袋パルコ 本館7F)

(The Guest cafe&dine Ikebukuro)
Date : 6 jan to 25 feb 2018 

Julia Lai