Sakura Time and a whole lots of PINK.... PINK and PINK!

Its still cold here in Tokyo but soon we'll be able to see Sakura everything to lighting up this winter spirit. so expect a how lot of Sakura theme stuff ,pink , pink and did i metion pink :).

Every year in Japan there's always new Sakura themed things releasing to celebrate the Sakura season (yes spring i'm ready~)
Not to metion but every year its different designs and food related items from the previous years so it definely gives everyone a new fresh feeling.

 So are you ready for some pink to lighten and freshen up your mood ^^.

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1. Coco-Cola's Sakura Theme Bottle
A different design and bigger sized from last years Sakura Bottle .
Perfect to bring only to Cherry Blossom Viewing .
Orginal Taste
A perfect pair up with Peach Flavoured Coco-Cola, which is also a pink design
A cute photo item
Only in Japan
Easy to purchase in convenient store, supermarkets etc.
Release date 22nd Jan

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Not a fan of Coke ? , no worries 
2. Try the new Sakura Drinks at Starbucks

First :Sakura Strawberry Pink Mochi Frappuccino
Pairing Strawberries and Sakura together , the perfect pink springtime drink.
Also its a bit special with Domyoji-ko , which is steamed sticky rice powder, orginates from Osaka , said to be rice was once use to cure illness.
Sakura flavoured mochi pieces can be found scattered in the whole drink, topped with a sakura mochi sauce and crunchy Strawberry chocolate chips.
A fresh feeling drink to get you into the spring season.
Sakura Strawberry Pink Milk Latte
Also combines Sakura and Strawberries together.
This time is a sweet and sour tasting drink.
A Sakura and Strawberry sauce with hot milk, chopped sakura leaf and sake lees (non alcholic).
A warm pink drink to keep you warm.

Sakura Strawberry Pink Tea
Made from Starbucks Teavana chamomile tea with Strawberry and Sakura sauce and with dried strawberries.
Pulp like drink.
Warm you up drink and perfect for relaxing.
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3. Sakura Items to use everyday

2 new lines of sakura products will be released
First line is called Looking Forward, a full pink and modern designs.
Perfect for sakura lovers
Beautiful designs
Perfect for home and to take out
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Second line is Looking Back
A more fresh and pop look
Cuter and simple
Perfect for home and to take out

4. Afternoon Tea, Air Hanami Home and Living

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Sakura Dineware
Refresh your food with some Sakura plates and other dineware.
Pink up your dinner table
Perfect to use to serve for family and friends
Perfect for having a Sakura Party.
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Sakura Theme Home Decor
A huge new range of Sakura theme items to get you into the spring time spirit.
Pink cute and refreshing.
From Air freshers, Frames, towels and Phone covers etc.
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Have a Sakura Theme Dinner Party
Not a fan of partying outside
Purchase some Sakura decoration items to have a refreshing pink party with friends and family.

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5. Sakura Chill Bar
A Bar where you can view Cherry Blossoms while drink Sake.
Chill out
Choose from any Sake produce in the Saga Prefecture
Enjoy Sake under a Cherry Blossom
22 Choices of Sake
For 1000yen you can choose 3 different Sake and comes with snacks
In Omotesando (ZeroBase)
Perfect Photo 
1F is the bar 2F is the cherry blossom floor
Reservations is allowed but if during busy hours , requires you to line up.
1st Mar-11 Mar 2018

Julia Lai