Love is In The Air @ Puroland

Puroland has a new event for this valentines and its called Lovepuroland.
If you happen to be in Tokyo with your special someone , Puroland has you covered for Valentines.
It goes from 1st Feb to 17 Mar so its ok if you don't go on Valentines day because you still have time to go and spend it with your special someone <3.

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Not limited but hey why not the Hello Kitty Love Bell is a must for couples.
On 2F , Hello Kitty will bless any couple and for their happiness together.

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Limited time Love Food Menu

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On 4th Floor and Food Court will have limited Valentines Menu items.
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Love Puroland Photo Spot

First off why not take a cute romantic couple photo in the limited time Photo Frame.
Its not hard to find , you can actually see it straight away when you enter Puroland (near information desk)
If your lucky some Pairing Charactering will appear and take photos with you eg like Hello Kitty and her boyfriend Daniel, or pairings like Kuromi and My Melody will also apear.

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Doki Doki Hug Time
Pairing Characters will give you hugs and Photo times
On 1F Puro Village
*dates and time may change
4th Feb, 11 Feb, 18 Feb and 25th Feb

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Muffler Couple Photo * fee applies
A Whiteday Event, where a boyfriend character will give you some treats and then you'll be able to take a photo with the character , while wearing a couple muffler.

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Special Limited Love Live Shows

1. Love Illumination
A vary of Love Messages will project with romantic music and lights ( real messages from people) unfortunatley the period of accepting request message is over, however feel the love of reading the messages ~

2.Miracle Happiness
Hello Kitty and Daniel show up in angel costumes and what theres a flying angel!?

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Couple items are available for purchase , like couple charms etc.
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Custom Leather couple items
Make orignal leather bracelets and key holders, why not make one to have a special couple item with your special person~~~ <3

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By the Hello Kitty Love Bell , you can purchase couple love key charms.
Also can buy from Lady Kitty and Entrance Store
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No time or date for the cupid angel to show up but if you're lucky you'll be able to meet the love cupid at Puroland

*over 18 couples can get a Love Love discount on the passport ticket
as well there will be a student discount during this period.

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Julia Lai