10 Useful Japanese Languages to Ask A Direction in Japan

During a trip in Japan, you want to ask directions or get help for getting on a bus, taxi or train especially when you are lost. It is very challenge to ask for directions in Japan if you don’t understand Japanese Language. In addition, not all Japanese people are fluent in English. Today, let’s me share some useful Japanese phases that will help you on your journey. 
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1. Kiyomizu Temple wa doko desuka? (Where is the Kiyomizu Temple?) 
If you have arrived to the place but you can’t find where the temple is. Therefore, you can ask Japanese people “__ wa doko desuka?” This is the simplest way of asking for a direction.
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2. Kiyomizu Temple made tooi desuka? (Is it far to Kiyomizu Temple?)
To ask whether there’s a distance to Kiyomizu Temple.
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3.  Aruite yaku jippun desu. (It takes about 10 minutes on foot.) 
To make sure it is take how many minutes go to destination by foot.
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4. Kiyomizu Temple made douyattara ikemasuka? (How can I get to Kiyomizu Temple?) 
If you plan to go somewhere, but you don’t know how to get to the place. You may ask ___ made douyattara ikemasuka?
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5. Korewa Kiyomizu Temple ni ikimasuka? (Will this go to Kiyomizu Temple?)
Once you get the information to Kiyomizu Temple by bus, but you have not sure the bus has stopped to the temple or other places. Thus, you need to ask the driver “Korewa Kiyomizu Temple ni ikimasuka?” before get in the bus.
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6. Kiyomizu Temple made onegai shimasu. (Go to Kiyomizu Temple, please.)
When you confirmed the bus has stopped at Kiyomizu Temple, you may tell the driver where you are headed.
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7. Kokokara arukemasuka? / (Can I walk from here?)  OR Kiyomizu Temple made kokokara arukemasuka? (Can I walk to Kiyomizu Temple?) 
When you want to walk to the destination, you may ask kokokara arukemasuka?
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8. Michi ni mayoimashita. (I am lost.) 
To tell Japanese people you are lost, they will help you to find the place.

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9. Kiyomizu Temple made daitai ikura desuka? (How much is it to Kiyomizu Temple?) 
If you go somewhere from your destination and you have no idea how much is the cost. You may ask the driver or counter __ made daitai ikura desuka?
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10. Tsuitara oshiete kudasai. (Please tell me when we are there.) 
If you want to be alerted when your bus has arrived, you can ask driver or someone near you a favour.
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Simple direction keywords you should know:-  
a) Massugu itte (go straight)
eg: Massugu itte, migi gawa ni arimasu. (Please go straight, it is on the right side.) 
b) Magatte (turn)
·         Migi ni magatte (turn right)
eg: Tsugi no shingou o migi ni magatte kudasai. (Please turn right at the next traffic signal.) 
·         Hidari ni magatte (turn left)
eg: Saisho no Kousaten o hidari ni magatte kudasai. (Please turn left at the first intersection.) 
·         Tsugi no touri / machi (next street) 
c) __ no mae (in front of __) 
d) __ no tonari (next to __) 
e) __ no naka (inside __)
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