10 Must try Foods In Hokkaido,Japan

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1. Soup Curry in Soup Curry Samurai

In making an order there are 4 steps to do! [1] choose a curry soup. [2] choose the base of the curry.[3] choose the spiciness level from 0 to 10.[4] choose the size of the rice

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2. Sea Food
one of the must try seafood is the crab that can cost upto 16,000en. but if you are like me ilike the cheaper one you can find it in Ajidokoro,Tekada

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3. Chicken
this shop is know to sell a golden deep fry chicken that absolutely crave! You can eat at the restaurant and you can also take out.

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4. Sapporo Bear
you can find sapporo bear in any saporro bear museum or in any restaurant. Sapporo Bear is Verry famous in japan so i suggest that you should try it. they also have meat and veggies that is put into a plate that looks like a dome and it hits up this dome figure put in the meddle of your table.

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5. Street Foods
hokkaido is verry famouse because of their street foods. In hokkaido they have a good farming condition. foods i tried are [1] Cheeze Mochi [2]Grilled Squid [3]Grilled Corn [4]Curry Bun

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6. Ice Cream
This ice cream is the top 2 Best seller in japan because of their famous milk. you must try this one! its verry delicious!

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