The Highest Repurchase Products from Muji in Japan

Muji is popular for high quality, low price and clear packaging. All the skin care products are made of natural water from Kamaishi in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. The aim of Muji is simple, so the packaging and powder cases are just a plain white and transparent. You can find Muji shop across Japan. Today, let’s us find out what products that Japanese people will purchase and repurchase at Muji shop. 
1. Light Toning Water (700 yen – 200ml) 
Muji launched light toning water with light and non-irritating scent in the market. This is good to protect dry, sensitive skin and redness due to rich moisture formulas including hyaluronic acid, Lipidure, purslane extract and grapefruit seed extract. It increases 17% moisture level after application.
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2. Moisturising Milk (Light) (780 yen – 200ml) 
After using Light Toning Water, apply Moisturising Milk to maintain moisture to the skin. It uses natural water from Kamaishi, Iwate ken. Suitable for sensitive skin due to no fragrance, artificial colors, mineral oil, paraben and alcohol. It gives your skin refreshed and hydrated.
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3. Mild Gel Cleanser (300 yen – 30g / 600 yen – 120g / 780 yen – 200g)
Muji Mild Gel Cleansing is gel texture cleansing which quickly to remove makeup neatly. The selling point is fragrance free, mineral oil free, coloration free, and alcohol free. It contains apricot juice and peach leaf extract ingredients for moisture the skin after cleansing.
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4. Jojoba Oil (900 yen – 50ml / 1,600 yen – 100ml / 2,500 yen – 200ml) 
Jojoba Oil is made from jojoba seeds with 100% natural refine oil. Not only it can be used in your daily skin care, it also can be makeup remover, lip care, hair care, nail care and body care. Just apply to any specific dry position to increase moisture the skin and the use after bath is the best time to improve absorption.
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5. Cosmetic Paper (158 yen - 100 pcs) 
Muji Cosmetic Paper is made from pulp with great absorption from the skin and say bye bye to sebum and dirt. Easy to bring outside and travel. It costs only 158 yen for 100 pieces. No wonder this is one of the highest purchase Muji product.
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6. Sunscreen Citrus Herb (750 yen – 30ml) 
This Muji’s sunscreen protects your skin from UV rays and provides a layer of protection under makeup. A very fresh citrus smell while applying the sunscreen. No coloring, alcohol and free of UV absorber. Don’t worry, it is not sticky feeling after use.
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7. Lip Cream Lavender (400 yen – 5.3g) 
Lip cream from Muji provides intensive moisture for the people who have dry and damaged lips problem. The cream is very effective to moisture and nourish your lips. It smells natural lavender fragrance.

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8. Pressed Powder Lucent White (900 – 1,050 yen – 9.7g) 
The shimmering pressed powder comes in different colors including white, gold, pink, light blue and moss green. It makes your makeup more transparent and shiny after applying the pressed powder lucent white. This powder is free of fragrance and mineral oil. If you like shining effect, use this on areas that you want to have 3D skin effect.
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9. Cheek Color Marble Type (840 yen – 3.6g) 
The marble color has always attract the Japanese women. This powder blush featuring 3 shimmery shades mixed for a marble finish to create a 3D look. It contains chamomile flower extract and olive squalane to moisture the skin. Just use brush to apply evenly on cheeks and face to get pearly finish look. Muji has released three colors to the market including Rose, Orange and Rose X Beige.
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10. Liquid Eye Liner (420 yen) 
The last product is one of the highest repurchase product from Muji. The liquid eyeliner is waterproof and long-lasting eyeliner. It is no fragrance, mineral oil and alcohol. For the beginner, the Muji eyeliner is the easier to apply and draw even line on eyelid.

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