10 Useful Japanese Phrases for Shopping in Japan

Language is important when you travel around the world. In Japan, the most widely spoken language is Japanese. Some of them do not know to speak English in daily life unless you are doing business with foreigners. As a traveler, this is a challenge to use Japanese when you visit to Japan. Of course, most of department stores and shopping centers have English words or people who know to speak English or Chinese. However, there are some small shops have no one understand English language. Therefore, we should memorize some Japanese phases for shopping before heading to Japan. Here are 10 basic Japanese phases that will help you throughout your trip. So, you won’t be going in completely blind.

1. Kono henni kombini arimasuka? (Is there a convenience store around here?) 
To ask whether there is convenience store or something you are finding around that place.
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2. Korewa nandesuka? (What is this?) 
When you have found something interesting but you have no idea what it is, so you can ask “korewa nandesuka”?
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3. Tokei wa arimasuka? (Do you have watch?) 
When you want to look for some souvenirs, but you can find it at the place. You may ask “OO wa arimasuka”?
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4. Aka wa arimasuka? (Do you have red color?) OR Chigau iro wa arimasuka? (Do you have different colors?)
If you want to find red color, you can use “OO wa arimasuka”? Or you want to ask if they have any different colors, in this situation, you can use this phrase. You also need to know more about other colors, here are the Japanese colors.
·         shiro (white) 
·         kuro (black)
·         midori (green)
·         ao (blue)
·         kiiro (yellow)
·         pinku (pink)
·         chairo (brown)
·         orenji (orange)
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5. Shichaku demimasuka? (Can I try it on?) 
If you want to try clothes on before buying, ask for a permission to try the clothes before you go into the fitting room.
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6. Okino wa arimasuka? (Do you have a bigger one?) OR Chiisaino wa arimasuka? (Do you have a smaller one?) 
You have try this on but the size isn’t just right, whether too small or too large. You can use this “Okino wa arimasuka” or “Chiisaino wa arimasuka?”
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7. Oikura desuka? (How much is this?) 
If you want to ask how much a certain product costs. “
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8. Kore onegai shimasu. (This one, please.) 
You want to buy after you have selected a product, you can say “kore onegai shimasu.”
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9. Kadode onegai shimasu. (I want to pay with credit card, please.) OR Kado wa tsukaemasuka? (Do you take credit cards?)
By telling the staff that you want to pay by credit card. But some shops do not accept credit cards. Therefore, it is better to ask before make a payment.
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10. Nanji made aitemasuka? (What time are you open until?)
You have arrived to the store but you might not have sufficient time to have a look at all the products. Therefore, you need to ask when the store will be closed.
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