Starbucks Released New Clear Sparkling Drink in Japan

I like to grab a drink in Starbuck Japan every time I go to Japan. The unique and traditional designs always giving customer a cosy feeling and relaxing space of having coffee. They offer popular coffee with richly flavoured coffee bean. 
This is a good news for Starbucks lover. Starbucks Japan is releasing its new beverage – Sparkling Drinks in two flavors called Starbucks Sparking Refreshing Taste and Sparkling Peach Splash. The drinks are available at convenience store 7-Elevan at 27th February 2018.

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Living a healthy lifestyle is more concern for many young generation. Sparkling drinks are one of the popular beverage in the Japanese market. The demand for drinking soda has significant decreased. Therefore, Starbucks Japan has decided to come out a new refreshing Clear Sparkling Drinks in February 2018.
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A slim plastic bottle with simple design in a 390ml for both flavors. Starbucks Sparking Refreshing Taste is a drink with no added sugar. If you on diet, this is a good non-calorie drink for you and the price is only 130 yen. Sparkling Peach Splash is a bit sweet drink that contains apple and peach juice. For those people do not like sweet, Sparkling Peach Splash is a good low calorie beverage for refreshing. The cost is 140 yen. They use quality ingredients in the drinks include caffeine derived from coffee cherries and coconut juice containing phosphorus and sodium.
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Do you still remember my transparent milk tea article? It is totally transparent appearance and clear without milk tea colour. Actually, this is drink has a lot of aroma of milk tea and has a refreshing aftertaste. Similarity, the clear sparkling drinks are clear and transparent but it have aroma of fruits. 
As mentioned, you can grab the drinks at 7-Elevan convenience stores across Japan starting on 27th February 2018. The drinks are not be typical Starbucks fare. So, go to the stores immediately and purchase one for you and your friends. 
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