McDonald’s Japan’s new French Fries with Bolognese Sauce – and if they are worth a try!

Over the last years McDonald’s Japan was always pretty creative with their serving their French Fries. The offered them with purple sauce, chocolate pumpkin sauce and more. This time they combined the potato sticks with Italian-styled Bolognese Sauce and I gave it a try. 
The Kaketemiyo Cheese Bolognese (カケテミーヨチーズボロネーゼ), how it is called in Japan, was released on 28th Feburary 2018 in all restaurants over the country only for a limited time. The name comes from the Japanese words for “try out pouring”  (掛けてみよう), so let’s try out to put bolognese sauce on our fries. The sauce consists out of ground beef and pork, white cheddar cheese such as tomatoes and caramelized onions. A seasoning of black pepper and garlic is rounding the sauce up.  
The dish is served warm, what is nice while it is still cold outside. You can pour the sauce over the fries by yourself. For eating without getting messy you get a fork. Watching the official CM makes you really hungry for it.

The taste is actually quite good, because the salty fries and Bolognese sauce make up a nice combination. It is also a nice experience, because I didn’t eat this combination before. However, in my opinion it is something you can make easily yourself if you once get the idea.
Let's try to pour the sauce!

French Fries with Bolognese Sauce

Buying the Kaketemiyo Cheese Bolognese Fries at McDonald’s Japan costs 390 yen. You can get a combo set together with a soft drink for 490 yen. Adding the special fries to your regular burger menu costs only 100 yen. 
If you are in Japan until the end of March, you can try out this unique combination at your McDonald’s restaurant across Japan. If you can’t make it in time (or think it is too expensive) just try out to make this dish yourself at home with using French fries instead of pasta next time. 

Claudia Mitsu