Gintama cafe @ Omotesando box & space

Gintama is back!! , not only do we get to watch a new season of Gintama but we also get to enjoy a awesome new Gintama Limited time cafe , at Omotesando Box & Space.
The Gintama cafe is themed after the Host Club Arc.
The cafe is a reserve only entry , so make sure you reserve seats earlier before going, which you can do on their website 
Since this is a reserve first cafe, i recommend , if your planning to go, you better reserve your seats fast, because Gintama is really popular in Japan.
If your not familar with Omotesando box, it's a cafe that does a lot of limited time collaborations with various popular anime.
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Gintoki and the others are on the wall to welcome you ^^
All characters are dress the same as they were in the host club arc
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Easy to find in Omotesando and quick walk from Harajuku too.
Its required , that you arrive 15 minute early , its normal that you'll have to wait a bit before entering and you'll be handed a piece of paper along with the menu , please fill out what you want to order on the piece of paper, before your asked to enter.

*Upon arrival staff will ask for your reservation details , you'll have to show them on your account (on gintama cafe web ), as they need to scan your phone (its kinda cool when they scan it its a little stamp thing appears on your screen) .
*Screenshots of reservation maybe won't be accepted
*Scanning on phone or device not working , quick tip is to up the brightness on the screen.

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Yay inside now~
The wall is decorated with scenes of the host club arc and the characters.
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Once your seated you'll recieve a A3 poster (at random)
Before your food arrived , the staff will let you know the time when you can purchase the limited cafe merchandise.

Goods list
Badges  (blind)
Postcards (blind)
Charm (blind)
Clear Folder

*You may see a lot of people bringing plushes inside , its pretty normal, i also brought along my little gintoki plush.
*Also trading , some people may come up to you asking, if you  want to trade badges etc. (like cafe edition ones)
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Food arrived !
I ordered Gintoki's Sandwich dish and my friend order the Shogun dish.
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Photo Taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)
Gintoki's dish has stuffed sandwiches , with tuna and one stuffed with fruits, wedges, small salad and a soup.
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Here's Gintoki's Special Drink!?, if your familar , Gintoki loves to put Red Beans on rice , also likes sweet things.
The drink is a combi of Red Beans , cream and Green tea.
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I have enjoyed this cafe too , not as much as their last Sailor Moon collaboration , not trying to be bias (as Sailor Moon is my all time fave) , but the food taste better than the Gintama Cafe in my opinion, but as a fan of Gintama i did enjoy it a lot!. 
So if your into Gintama , be sure to check this place out.

Gintama Cafe 
15th Feb - 16th March 2018 
Omotesando Box and Space 
東京都渋谷区神宮前5-13-2 パインアンダーフラットB1F


Julia Lai