Frozen Fantasy @ Tokyo disneyland

Let it go Let it go ~ Can't hold back ahem... Tokyo Disneyland is doing a Frozen Fantasy event , for a limited time and has metioned that this will be the last year that , they will do this event.
So being a fan of Frozen and Disney this is a not to miss opportunity, i was lucky enough to go , also this was the first time ( instantly for the first time in forever song plays in head =P ) i've went to Tokyo Disneyland too.

Tokyo Disneyland is decorated with Frozen theme, during this event you can buy limited food items and goods and take photos at the Frozen Photo spots.
*Snowgies will appear in random places , so be on a look out for them :).
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Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

Frozen themed food , founded near entrance , some places will sell different Frozen themed foods , so make sure you take a Today pamphlet.
In photo, this store was selling , Olaf Tuna wraps and Olaf gummy candy .
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Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

Shopping time,usually not the first place to go , but it  was so cold outside and was still waiting for the fast pass attraction.
Limited time Frozen items , can be found in most stores in Disneyland. 
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Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

A popular item is the snowgies (especially the snowgies headband , where i couldn't find everywhere), but why not get yourself a little snowgie plush instead.
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Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

Of course they will be Olaf goods too ^^.
But i do recommend if you like Frozen to come during this event because this is the best time to up your Frozen collection,
I couldn't buy every Frozen items though but i brough the Elsa and Anna hand cream , Elsa Pin and Frozen Tumbler.
9C4711A6-5B75-49C9-B56F-721C0E1993F6.jpeg 1.51 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

Food Court near Tomorrowland , we found some more Limted Frozen food items , these desserts comes with either a plate or mug , also it's for you to take home.
Theres a sparate plastic cup , to prevent the plate or mug  from getting dirty.
The desserts weren't that great but the plate and mug is worth it.
You can't buy just the plate and mug alone in stores but the tumbler they sell has the same picture on it.
FB3FBB00-04C8-4E91-BE52-9914D718E6F1.jpeg 1.68 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

Olaf Bread found at the Disneyland Sweets Bakery.
Its not as cute as the real Olaf but it taste ok with his carrot flavour nose , other Frozen bread items can be brought at the bakery as well.
A4F9577A-2FCF-4C40-BF24-71192BE5C2DA.jpeg 3.1 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

Found a super cute Olaf photo spot , looks like he's having his best cute spring life =P, even though Elsa is my fave but this Olaf is my best photo spot out of all of the Frozen themed photo spots.
A3CB383C-990B-444B-B91A-83B691AB42C4.jpeg 3.82 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

Looks like Olaf , is having his best summer life!, themed after his In Summer song , also a few snowgies joining him ( Don't melt Olaf!!)
578FDE11-9555-47D8-8334-F5894B83FC26.jpeg 2.63 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

As i metioned before Snowgies appearing everywhere , looking up here you'll find a bunch hanging in a flower ball.
E002944F-C3D4-48B4-B3B9-0F3CD3035C59.jpeg 1.74 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

To be honest this was the best thing i ate at Tokyo Disneyland, which is the Frozen Churro, maybe a simple food but it taste yummy~~ .
White Chocolate flavour and founded at churro stand , also in several popcorn stands you can buy a Frozen Popcorn bag.
2C441B97-AF5E-47C2-BB5A-D554FD89D091.jpeg 2.64 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)
Cannot controll my happiness , Elsa ELSA!!!!!!!!!!.
Another awesome Photo spot , lucky we found this quickly i can imagine that there will be a huge line later on the day.
Not shown but we saw the Frozen Fantasy parade , where you can see all the Frozen characters , of course my best part was when Elsa came out .
Its my first Disneyland parade , it maybe for kids but it sure made this 24yr old super happy =P.
One thing is all the songs in the parade was in Japanese , kinda disappointed , that the japanese version doesn't sing Let it go in english.
But still recommend no matter the age , i did found all the parade we watch , i enjoyed them .... very much :)
E90DA5FD-346B-4485-B714-9DC9D774D4CA.jpeg 2.45 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

Olaf and Snowgie Photo Spot , they most snowgies you'll find.
40583E81-B62C-4B67-B8D2-4684F1B2B90F.jpeg 2.47 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

A cute  snowgie sign , the kindom had the most Frozen goods.
E2057B7D-B544-43F3-AC1C-DB831F36EEED.jpeg 1.48 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

A photo spot near the entrance and the cinderella castle will hold a frozen show at night time around 7:30 ( time varys , sadly we did miss it )
Overall i'm really thankfull for my friend to treating me to go, if you love Frozen be sure to come, but i recommend everyone to come anytime anyways because its a really happy place and fun too.

SO.... lets have the best Frozen life ever at Tokyo Disneyland ( no really because its really cold there). 
Its ok because the cold never bother us anyways =P.

Julia Lai