Cardcaptor x Tower Records Cafe

The new Cardcaptor season is showing , and you can see Sakura again , that means Cafe Collaboration time!!.
Tower Records in Shibuya is doing a cafe collaboration with the anime, i was really excited but the decorations were so so compared to most collaboration cafes i've been too , but you know its good to experience.
This is the first Cardcaptor cafe i've been too , ( there will be another Cardcator Cafe by Animates soon , which i will talk about in another article).
Anyways Release!!!!! (sorry) =P
The cafe is located upstairs inside the tower records buliding , no reservations , so you can go there any time , its a nice place to relax , especially if you had  a long shopping day in Shibuya etc.
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 ( self taken )

At the extrance you can see the menu and also the goods center ( most things were sold out , since the day we went wasn't the opening day).
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 ( self taken)

Please wait to be seated by staff, once you ordered , you'll recieve a character clear card   and character coaster ( blind giveaway only)
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 ( self taken)

Decorated with Sakura drawings and a tv , airing a few Cardcaptor Scenes.
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 ( self taken)

Kero Milk Fluffy and My Sakura card ( gift from cafe).
The Kero was a marshmellow and the cutest marshmellow ever... breaks my heart to drop him to his death inside my drink, at least its he makes a cute photo.
The drink itself just taste like milk , much like a milk foam , it was simple but i like it, also with the little wing art on top just adds a little cuteness to everything.
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 ( self taken)

Another photo before Kero marshamellow melted away, sitting near him is Hachiko ( brought at Sanrio store at Shibuya Mens )
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photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 ( self taken)

Food is here

First is the Syaoron Chinese Dish comes with egg soup, fried rice, Shrimp Ha gor ( dumplings) , Meat Dumplings and Springrolls, its a nice combo,
tastewise (you can get better at Yokohama) is average but still tasty, only thing is i wish they gave chilli oil instead of soy sauce and mustard (sweet chilli sauce would of been nice too for the springrolls =P).

Second item we got is Sakura's Pancakes! themed after the episode on clear card , when Sakura eats pancakes with her brother , also for this menu you can add pancakes for extra too. 

Hoping the next Cardcaptor cafe will be more awesome and cute , in my opinion tower record cafe is a bit average on anime collaborations , and omotesando box and Animate ones are usually the best.  
But still Tower Records cafe is easy to fun and a nice place to rest and relax ^^. 

Julia Lai