Cuteness overload! Check out these 3 incredibly cute animals native to Hokkaido!

Many may not know this but Japan is actually home to some rare varieties of animals because of its geographical location and climate. Hokkaido has always been a great place to visit to hit the slopes during winter or to explore the hinterlands. Out of many species that are native to this Japanese unspoiled Northern wonderland, check out these three which will just make you overwhelmed. 

1.  Lizuna
Via Inovasee

Lizuna is one native Hokkaidan species on which you would not be taking your eyes off. No, its not a lizard or an iguana or a cross between the two, if you are getting confused by its name. Its a weasel that lives in snowy pits of the deserted areas of Hokkaido. You can often see them during your winter vacation in Hokkaido, cutely gawking up out of snow with their captivating eyes, thin whiskers and white fur. However, if you think these can be tamed as Pomeranian dogs, you are mistaken as these are predatory species that feed on meat of tiny animals and birds, and would bite if provoked. Also, they are very difficult to catch because of their swift nature such as that of rabbits or any other badger sett residing species. 

2. Ezo Momonga

Ezo Momonga aka Japanese Flying Squirrel
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Who doesn`t like squirrels? You can actually find plenty of these cheeky little creatures, which feast on barks and nuts in backyards, in a lot of places in Japan. However, if you are looking for some rare variety of squirrels, you should head to Hokkaido. Try buying a chip card, 'kitaca' to be exact, to use public transport in the capital - Sapporo and you would see the funny expressions of Ezo Momonga imprinted on the card. It is a cutie-pie with gigantic eyes and fluffy skin, but hey, it can actually 'fly' from tree to tree unlike normal squirrels which can only jump to a limited distance. If you dont fall in love with this squirrel, you are definitely not human, because it has attractive looks and convincing eyes. Unlike weasels, you can actually feed flying squirrels and they can show great interaction quickly. Other good thing about Ezo Momonga and related species of flying squirrels is that - they are really calm and do not disturb much by squeaking.

3. Ezo Naki Usagi/Pika
Ezo Naki Usagi aka Pika
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Wanna have a Pikachu at home? Well, not exactly, as Pikachus dont exist. However, you can 'gotta catch `em all' the Pikas, which are actually unique type of animals that look like rabbits. These can be amazing pets because of their mysterious looks as they look like a missing link between rodents and hares. If you want one, you should probably climb to the top of a crusty and snowy mountain of Hokkaido, as they live in small gaps or tunnels amidst the rocks much above the sea level. People also call this Hokkaidan pika as 'Crying Rabbit', may be because of the fact that it lives like a monk on the top of mountains, working hard to gather food in summer and relishing it in winter in its home without moving.

There are more such cute creatures, and not just foxes, found in burrows of snow capped topography of Hokkaido, for example, the Hokkaidan Owl namely Ezo Fukuro and others. Ezo aka Hokkaido has been attracting not only adventure seekers or winter couples, but also zoologists and pet lovers. 

Yashwanth Kumar Rasani