The 5 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Tokyo, Japan

Being vegetarian, it is very difficult to find vegan restaurants in Japan. Japan is meat lover paradise. Sushi, tempura, gyoza, salmon, shasimi, ramen restaurants and even street foods you can find it across Japan. All cuisines you will be rewarded with a slice of meat. So, how about for vegetarian? Living a healthy lifestyle is more concern for many young generation in Japan. Many vegan restaurants increase gradually and many Japanese people used to go vegan restaurant. Today, I would like to introduce 5 vegan restaurants or stores that I usually visit in Tokyo.
1. Ain Soph. Ripple 
Japanese people like burger is growing in Japan. However, if you want to find vegan burger restaurant is difficult in Japan. Ain Soph. Ripple is a small restaurant focuses burgers, salad, burritos and desserts with big portion. It is located at backstreet of Shinjuku. You can find the restaurant easily due to the special glass window. Ripple cheeseburger is very popular, a thick patty oozing with cheese and secret sauce, tomato slice and guacamole. The price at 1,350 yen only. Japanese pancake is thick and fluffy with soy whipped cream, fruit and vegan ice-cream at around 1,400 yen. All foods are made from high quality ingredients and all dishes are vegan. 
Operating Hours  : 11:00-21:30 (Monday-Saturday) & 11:00-20:30 (Sunday & Public Holiday)
Address                     : 2-46-8 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 1600021, Japan 
Nearest Station    : Shinjuku or closer to Seibu-Shinjuku Station 
Nagi Shokudo is well-known vegan restaurant in Tokyo. The place is clean and simple with western-style seating and cozy environment. It is located only 5-minute walk from Shibuya station where the place is far away from noisy street. They serve Japanese and international cuisine including Indian, Chinese and Thai foods. The restaurant is busiest at lunch time. Only cost you 1,200 yen for lunch set include three dishes with rice and miso soup. I like their falafel with mayonnaise and deep fried potato fingers dishes. It was very delicious. You may go to try the dishes. Remember, all of the dishes are vegan. 
Operating Hours  : 12:00-16:00 & 18:00-23:00 (Monday-Saturday) & 12:00-16:00 (Sunday) 
Address                     : 15-10 Uguisudani-cho, Shibuya, Tokyo 1500032, Japan 
Nearest Station    : Shibuya station (Yamanote, Shonan-Shinjuku, Ginza, Hanzomon, Fukutoshin, Denentoshi, Keio Inokashira, Tokyu Toyoko lines) 
Falafel is incorporated in 2017 at the back alley in Roppongi. Falafel is not so popular in Japan but it is a worldwide recognized Middle Eastern food. Falafel is deep-fried ball or patty made from chickpeas. Of course, the restaurant’ specialty is full size falafel sandwich where the soft bread is stuffed to the brim with salad, crunchy falafel, veggie and secret source. It was very good. Salad bowl is one of the special menu in restaurant. It is as big as my face and the cost is 1,000 yen. They often adding new specials menu depending on the season. The restaurant provides the best vegan falafels in Tokyo. So, what are you waiting for? 
Operating Hours  : 11:00-22:00 (Monday-Saturday) (Sunday Closed) 
Address                     : 5-1-10 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1060032 Japan 
Nearest Station    : Roppongi Station (Hibiya, Oedo line), exit A3
This is for vegan ramen lovers who stay in Tokyo. T’s Tantan is located Keiyo street food hall in JR Tokyo station. A long queue around the restaurant every day for having ramen. They offer several types of ramen including sesame (white), shoyu, tomato (red), midori (green) ramen and more. Sesame ramen and shoyu ramen are my favorite at the price of 780 yen – 900yen. They also offer dumpling, salad and curry rice. Everything is vegan.
Operating Hours  : 07:00-23:00 (Monday-Sunday) 
Address                  : 1-9-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 1000005, Japan
Nearest Station    : Keiyo street food hall in JR Tokyo station
Website                  : 
If you still can’t be able to find a vegan restaurant near your area or you don’t want to go out of your way, convenience store is your best solution. Convenience stores are everywhere in Japan and the price is reasonable. Let’s us find out what vegan foods that we can get from the store. 
a)       Pre-made salad 
Most of convenience stores provided a variety of pre-made salads including dark seaweed, tomato, mix veggies and carrots. All pre-made salads are packed and dressing sold separately to make our own salads easily.
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b)       Tsukemono
Tsukemono is small packages of vegetables that you can be found at convenience stores in Japan. You can be used this as side dishes. Normally pickled vegetables include cucumber, cabbage, eggplants and daikon. 
Onigiri also called rice balls in English. It is triangle shapes Japanese rice with some ingredients placed in the center of the rice. Normally fish is a common ingredient, however, there are still many vegan onigiri such as red rice (sekihan), seaweed or pickled plum that you can find at nearest convenience stores.
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d)       Inari Sushi
When you think about sushi, you must think about raw fish, eggs, prawn and other meats. However, we still can find variety of sushi are free of meats. Sweet fried tofu sushi is vegan sushi that you can get at convenience store. It is usually wrapped two or three and sold at convenience stores.
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Operating Hours  : 24 Hours
Address                  : Across Japan
Website                  : &

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